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An Introduction to G-Spot Vibrators

An Introduction to G-Spot Vibrators | Jo Divine

Some people say the G-Spot doesn’t exist, other say it most definitely does, and some even claim that stimulation of this area can cause women to ejaculate! Well, whether it does exist or not, you can have a lot of fun finding out. The following G-spot stimulators are multi-purpose, so even if you can’t find the elusive spot, you’ll find plenty of use for your toy. Many have a classic curved shaft designed for caressing your G-spot.

Types of G-Spot Stimulators

Small G-spot stimulators

Although the LELO Gigi is shorter in length than your average G-spot vibrator, this means the vibrations haven’t got fr tot ravel, so it is wonderfully powerful. Its shaft is gently curved upwards to meet the upper wall of the vagina, allowing its flat head direct and intense stimulation to the G-spot area. Wonderfully strong, it can also provide toe-curling clitoral stimulation.

The beautifully designed OhMiBod Cuddle has a subtle curve and a slightly raised bump in the tip to deliver a more precise pleasure. Its small design is whisper-soft yet powerful to fulfil your needs.

The pretty Fun Factory Cayona is cleverly shaped to send powerful vibrations to your G-spot whilst its cute bud offers external clitoral stimulation.

The Calexotics Eden Ripple is a beautiful silicone G-Spot vibrator. The incredibly flexible curving shaft and G-spot shaped head allow precision stimulation of both your clitoris and your G-Spot. The pleasure ridges on the head add extra sexual stimulation to your pleasure spots.

Also waterproof so ideal for bath time pleasure and easy to clean. Powered by 2 AAA batteries – not included.

The Fun Factory Abby-G is innovatively shaped for super focused G-spot stimulation or to tease your clitoris into mind blowing orgasms. Its gentle ridges offer additional sexual stimulation to your vagina with 4 speeds and 6 pulsation patterns.

The JIL Olivia is a stunning G-Spot vibrator, designed with precision using new advanced silicone flex technology. This gives Olivia incredible softness and endless flexibility, perfect to adjust to the shape of your body.

Rechargeable and waterproof.

Bigger G-Spot Stimulators

A stylish take on the classic vibrator is the LELO Mona Version 2, which has a spoon shaped shaft, specifically designed to deliver deep and powerful vibrations to the G-spot.

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 is a flexible classic vibrator offering textured sexual stimulation and a gorgeous curved tip for G-Spot play. Like all Fun Factory sex toys, it harnesses their familiar deep rumbling vibration, a completely different sexual sensation to the vibrations of many sex toys.

The We-Vibe Rave is gently twisted in the shaft to tantalises the most sensitive parts of your vagina, and its sleek design allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure to your G-Spot for mind-blowing orgasms!

It is remote controlled through the We-Connect app, allowing your partner to take control.

Rocks-Off Enigma has been designed with complete flexiblitiy to enable you to position it exactly where you want it and the ergonomically shaped handle sits perfectly balanced in your hand making it so easy and comfortable to hold and control.

The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, allowing you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation just for you

G-Spot Stimulation beyond Vibrations

These G-Spot stimulators offer completely different sexual sensation to vibrations, ofering another level to G-Spot orgasms.

Pulsators, also known as thrusters, are incredibly innovative sex toys that thrust all on their own, making them great products for those with limited dexterity and movement as they can be used hands-free.

The secret is in the shaft: they may look like classic vibrators, but instead of using a motor, pulsators contain magnets that repel against each other, generating the thrusting motion. The thrusting motions mimic those of a lover, meaning that in terms of sensation they are relatively realistic. The “Bi Stronic Fusion”: combines both thrusting technology in the G-spot designed shaft with the vibrations located in the clitoral stimulator.

The LELO Ina Wave is another brilliant G-Spot rabbit vibrator as it uses innovative LELO Wave technology to enhance stimulation with “come hither” motions that mimic a lover’s touch for pleasure sensations like never before!

G-Spot Stimulation without the Buzz

The njoy Pure Wand is a great example of a non-vibrating G-Spot stimulator. Made of body safe stainless steel, the sensuality of the Pure Wand comes from the weight of the toy. The Pure Wand has two bulbs at either end, both of which are suitable for internal use, meaning that you can really get your fix every time! Genty heating it in a bowl of warm water or cooling it down in your fridge, metals sex toys offer a wide range of sexual sensations not possible with classic vibrators.

Glass sex toys offer unique sexual sensations as they can be heated in warm water or cooled down in the fridge. The exquisite Icicles No 29 Textured Swirl Blue Glass Dildo has a tight blue swirl running up the length of the shaft, making it ideal for texture play and its gently curiving shaft and bulbous head make it superb for G-Spot pleasure.

Classic silicone dildos such as Fun Factory Tiger Dildo has pronounced surface structures designed to intensify sensations. Constructed from high grade silicone, the curved shape is designed to stimulate the female G-spot, ideal for those who do not enjoy the sensations of vibrations.

How should I clean and store my G-Spot stimulator?

Providing that you care for your toys appropriately, they should last for many years to come. System Jo Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner is a perfect solution for keeping your toys clean, hygienic and safe to use. All electronic devices should be stored in cool, dry places when not in use to maintain optimum functionality. It is also worth noting that battery-powered vibrators should have their batteries removed when not in use for long periods to prevent leaking.

Our in depth article about the G-Spot will help you understand how to gain maximum pleasure from this highly erogenous area.