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Captivating Caresses - Jo Divine's Diary

Captivating Caresses - Jo Divine's Diary

My stomach was in knots as I rang the doorbell. I almost couldn’t believe that I was there, that this was happening to someone else.

I had told my husband about my dinner with Sophia when he returned from work, informing him of our upcoming second date too. I was a little apprehensive of how he would take the news, but I needn’t have worried. That night he took me passionately, his hands caressing my flesh firmly and eagerly, really feeling me. Every ardent thrust felt like sheer ecstasy, my entire body tingling with delight. It would seem that my explorations with Sophia were fuelling an unexpected fire within him…

The door buzzed and I stepped into the lobby of Sophia’s apartment complex, my heels against the marble flooring echoing loudly as I walked towards the lift.

I was incredibly nervous, suddenly feeling self-conscious. I’d had my hair done and treated myself to a new dress, and for good measure I was wearing some new silk stockings. Have I gone over the top? I thought, a sinking feeling growing in my stomach as the lift ascended.

Finally I was on Sophia’s floor, then at her door. I took a deep breath and knocked, unsure of what was to come.

Sophia opened the door, looking radiant in a black pencil skirt that hugged her curves and a sheer white blouse.

“Darling!” She kissed me on both cheeks and welcomed me into her home; her flat was open planned and minimalist in design and everything was very white, a setting that highlighted Sophia’s vibrant personality and appearance. “Would you like a glass of Prosecco?”

“Yes please.” I smiled, my nerves beginning to ease now that I was in Sophia’s company.

“I’ve made tapas for dinner, I thought it would be quite nice to share.” She smiled as she handed me an elegant flute of fizz.

“Sounds delicious.” I smiled back as we clinked glasses. My eyes fell to her plump, red lips and I wanted to feel them against mine again, but I knew I should be patient.

The table was already set so we took a seat while we waited for the food to finish cooking, and we instinctively held hands as we spoke. Sophia stroked her thumb across my fingers, making the skin on the back of my neck tingle.

Soon she brought out the tapas, all of which looked and smelled amazing – she was clearly being modest when we first met at our cookery class. As before, it felt quite natural to feed each other morsels as we chatted, and it was easy to forget the rest of the world when it was just the two of us.

After dinner, Sophia opened a bottle of wine and we retired to the sofa. Soft jazz was playing in the background and fragrant candles lined the mantlepiece, exuding an atmosphere of softness and warmth that mirrored Sophia’s accommodating nature.

As we chatted I leant my head against the sofa cushion, taking in her exquisite features, grateful to be spending time with such an elegant creature.

I felt a sudden urge to touch her, and so with a precipitous confidence I placed my hand on her knee, which felt soft and supple. She looked up at me through her thick eyelashes and a sultry smile played on her lips. I drew myself closer to her, until finally our mouths met with a zealous heat.

Like before, her plump lips were soft but her kiss was firm, only this time her hand came to the back of my neck, drawing me in even closer as we kissed more passionately. Our legs were touching now, and as I felt my core ignite I wanted to feel her body against mine.

Her hand came to my thigh, which snaked its way to the curve of my buttocks. She kissed me back more fervently, and I willed her to touch me…. To really touch me.

As if she was reading my mind, her fingers ran over my thigh and found themselves at the material of my knickers, which were now damp with anticipation. She gently eased away the fabric and my whole body tingled as a firm finger found its way to my clitoris, which she began to massage in tantalisingly slow, concentric circles. I groaned, easing my hips towards her, as if I was offering myself to her.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and Sophia’s touch increased in speed, and my delicate skin tingled with warmth. The fire in my core was burning fiercely, and just as I felt at the brink of ecstasy her finger slipped inside my heated wetness, her thumb caressing my now throbbing bud.

I broke away from our kiss to catch my breath, panting now as she massaged my G-Spot, coaxing my orgasm out of me. I grabbed the sofa cushion, my back arching and my legs shaking as I came closer to the edge, my whole body shuddering as Sophia brought me to rapture.

My hand came to my chest as I panted, feeling a little flushed and woozy from the intensity of my climax. Sophia’s clever fingers eased away from me, resting gently on my thigh, which she began to gently stroke with her thumb.

“You’re very beautiful.” She whispered, and I could feel her really looking at me. I leant forward and kissed her again, gently this time, savouring how she tasted.

“I would really like to do this again, it’s been wonderful.” I smiled, running my hand up her thigh, appreciating the firmness of her curves.

“Perhaps we could make a weekend out of it?” She suggested.

“That sounds like a dream.” I smiled, caressing her supple skin.

“Well, dreams do come true!” She giggled. “How about it? You, me… maybe we could go to the coast?”

“I’ll have to check my schedule.” I smiled, wondering how Mr Divine would react. That being said, it would be a shame not to give my adventure with Sophia some wings…

Dinner For Two - Jo Divine's Diary

Dinner For Two - Jo Divine's Diary

The house felt colder than usual at this time of year as I found myself alone for the weekend. The boys were at their friends’ houses and Mr Divine had been called away on business, a late night at the office that had turned into a long haul excursion when an overseas client had called into town.

With the promise of making it up to me, my husband had left me to my own devices. The romantic dinner I had planned to prepare for us looked a little sad on the kitchen side, while one of the bottles of wine I had bought in seemed far more appealing.

It was that first sip of the bright, crisp white wine in my glass that planted the seed of an idea in my head; perhaps my dinner plans wouldn’t have to go to waste after all.

My invitation to Sophia was innocent, not that it really mattered if there was another meaning behind it; my husband had made it clear that Sophia and I could embark on something a little more than friendship.

When I called her I felt the familiar kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering in my stomach, although a few more sips of wine softened their wings.

“Dinner?” Sophia repeated my offer, as if trying to suss out any hidden meaning within my words.

“I thought I might put some of our cookery knowledge to good use.” I replied breezily to hide my anxiousness. I willed her to say yes, and perhaps she read my mind as she agreed to come over the following evening.

That morning I rose early to primp and preen myself, putting on the same summer I dress I wore on the final day of our culinary weekend, wondering if she would remember.

I began prepping our meal in the early afternoon, when there was a knock at the door. Still wearing my apron, I answered the door and was surprised and slightly embarrassed to see Sophia standing there. She was wearing a sophisticated woollen coat that revealed her equine legs, suitably stockinged for the weather.

“Sorry I’m a little early… I thought I could help you prep.” She sheepishly pulled a bottle of wine from her bag. “I thought this might help, too.”

In the kitchen, I apologised for my appearance as she took off her coat, revealing a figure hugging wrap dress.

“Nonsense, you look beautiful.” She smiled, then flushed slightly. “I must admit I was getting a little fidgety at home… I’m really glad to be here.”

“I’m glad you are.” I said, sincerely as I poured us each a drink. We clinked glasses and both took a quiet sip, giggling in acknowledgement of the atmosphere of nerves and excitement.

“How can I help?” Sophia asked, her heels tapping delicately against the kitchen tiles as she came to stand closer to me.

It felt just like it did on our weekend away, Sophia and I making a good team in the kitchen, only this time our bodies flowed together with ease. While the actions were still arguably flirtatious, it didn’t feel unnatural to feed her morsels to taste or to slip strands of her golden hair behind her ear while doing so.

The wine flowed with ease, as did our conversation, and it felt wonderful to share laughs together, to simply be with her in this intimate setting.

When the food was ready I asked Sophia to lay the table, and instead of setting our places opposite each other, she paired them on one of the corners on the kitchen table, which made me smile as I realised that she, too, was enjoying our intimacy.

I placed the food on the table so we could help ourselves, and ensured that our glasses were filled. Just before sitting I realised to my dismay that I was still wearing my dowdy kitchen apron, which I quickly shrugged it off and put it on the counter. Sophia smiled broadly as I joined her.

“I like you in that dress.” She said, “You look exquisite in it, just as you did in the moonlight.” I felt my cheeks flush with warmth, stroking the bowl of my wine glass with a lazy thumb as I watched her help herself to food.

Towards the end of our meal, Sophia’s hand snaked across to mine on the table and our fingers entwined, the tip of her thumb gently caressing the skin of my hand.

“I’ve had a wonderful night.” She smiled, looking up at me through her heavy eyelashes.

“Me too.” I said quietly, and just like the night of the wine tasting we found ourselves leaning in closer and closer, only this time I didn’t pull away.

Her plump bottom lip caressed mine, and I felt a shiver up the back of my neck as we kissed. She was as soft as I had imagined, but she kissed me back with ardent fervour that was firm. I leaned in closer to her, our knees gently touching under the table, enhancing the intimacy of our embrace. She delicately combed her fingers through my hair, pulling my face closer to her own eagerly as our tongues engaged in a gentle dance of warmth and passion.

Her free hand grasped my knee, and as our kiss became more intense, her fingers gently eased their way up my thigh. I felt that familiar fire ignite within me, but my skin tingled through nerves and the unfamiliarity of her touch.

My fingers came to her wandering hand, and I gently stopped her exploring any higher; I didn’t want to rush things, I wanted to savour them, to appreciate them fully.

We broke away gently, of hair cascading down our faces, framing us in a perfect intimacy.

“What a perfect end to a perfect evening.” I said quietly, hoping not to disappoint Sophia.

“Yes, Jo. It’s been wonderful.” She pulled back slightly, slipping my hair behind my ear with delicate fingers. “Perhaps next time we could have dinner at mine?”

I smiled softly, “It’s a date.”

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