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E-Stim Vibrators

For electrifying orgasms! Great for kegels too...

These toys have a secret - they may look like normal vibrators, but they are a two-in-one revolution in sex toys! Say hello to the exclusive Mystim range, combining classic vibrations with electrical stimulation for double the fun!

Tickling Tim, Electric Eric and Sizzling Simon are 100% waterproof and coated in soft silicone, and every use can be a unique experience. The vibrations and electro-stimulation can be used simultaneously or individually, and better still, they have training programmes for you to exercise your pelvic floor!

With eight vibration programmes and five intensity levels, and five e-stim settings with ten intensity levels, this range of products offers mind-blowing orgasms every time.


Electroshock Butt Plug
Save £34.00

The Electroshock Butt Plug combines vibratory power with E-stim, creating extra anal erotic stimulation

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Mystim Electric Eric

Electric Eric is part of the new Mystim range that combines electro-stimulation and vibration for the ultimate orgasmic delight!

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Mystim Sizzling Simon

Ridged for your pleasure, we introduce you to a big revolution in electrosex vibrators!

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Mystim Tickling Truman

Sleek, smooth and curved for your needs, Mystim brings you an innovation in electrosex vibrators!

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Electroshock G-spot

The ElectroShock G-Spot Vibrator combines vibrations with E-stim to create extra sexual stimulation

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Electroshock Rabbit

The Electroshock Rabbit Vibrator combines vibrations with e-stim to create a range of sexual stimulation with extra electro kick

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