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An enjoyable way to soothe your aches and pains

Our body massagers are specifically designed to massage muscles all over the body, helping to ease the aches and pains of muscle tension. They are also perfect if you just want to relax and enjoy a sensual massage with your partner.

The pulses that they emit are strong enough to give a deep, hassle-free muscle massage without the help of another person - they are incredibly easy to use alone but can also be fun to use with a partner. Even better, they can also be used intimately – they double up as the most powerful vibrators that we sell!

These fantastic products will ensure that your whole body is kept happy and pain-free – they really are the definition of multi purpose.


Doxy Massager

The Doxy Massager is the most powerful mains operated wand massager in the world.

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Doxy Die Cast Massager

The Doxy Die Cast Massager from Doxy is a sleek upgrade with a medical grade silicone head.

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Mjuze Wanderfull Wand

Mjuze Wanderfull rechargeable massage wand is a dual ended masage wand suitable for both massage and internal play.

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Jil Sasha

Sasha is a celeverly designed flexible massage wand which can also be used as an internal vibrator.

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