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Men’s Health Brochure

Men’s Health Brochure | Jo Divine

In the UK, it is estimated that 20% of men will experience erectile dysfunction as a result of a physical or psychological health issues yet over 50% of men do not seek treatment, choosing to ignore it, especially younger men. This can put great strain on relationships, sexual intimacy and pleasure. Many couples give up on their sex life when a partner has erectile dysfunction, yet there are many ways to treat and overcome symptoms of ED so you can continue to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure, either with a partner or alone

ED should not be ignored – It is important to seek medical advice as it can be a sign of a serious health issue such as heart disease, diabetes or prostate health.

At Jo Divine we often advise men who experience erectile dysfunction following prostate surgery and prostate cancer treatment, or when they have diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, sexual side effects from medication and psychological health problems and as a result of the ageing process. This advice includes using suitable sex toys, penile exercise products, sexual lubricants and alternative ways to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure with a partner or alone.

We always recommend using our products and sex toys with conventional medical treatment, psychosexual therapy and pelvic health physiotherapy as a more effective way to treat and overcome ED.

We work with psychosexual therapists, pelvic floor physiotherapists and several cancer nurse specialists who recommend the use of some of these products in combination with their conventional treatment..

Erectile health issues can range from the inability to get an erection suitable for penetrative sex, to maintaining an erection during sexual activity, decreased sexual sensation, low libido or changes in strength of orgasms and ejaculations.

Low libido can be problematic if taking PDE51s (viagra) as you need to be aroused for it to work. So using a penis pump, male vibrator or E-stim product may help create a partial or even full erection even if libido is low.

Some people with a penis may not be able to take medication, it may not work effectively or create a satisfactory/spontaneous erection for penetrative sex and they may find penile injections uncomfortable, painful or invasive. According to Walker et al (2015) many treatments for erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer can improve erectile firmness, yet most couples stop using aids within 1–2 years. The reason for this is unclear but may be due to the invasive nature and lack of spontaneity that using these devices brings.

We have created this health brochure which offers products from reputable manufacturers that exercise the penis to improve and promote erectile function in addition to offering pleasurable sexual stimulation and sensation. They can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, medication and conventional medical treatment.

Using the VaxAid penis pump or the E-stim devices regularly within your daily routine can help to exercise and stimulate the nerves and muscles of the penis.

The Pulse and Atom Plus offer sexual stimulation that can enable couples to enjoy sexual intimacy or just for solo pleasure.


The Pulse and Atom Plus rings from Hot Octopuss deliver vibrations that stimulate the nerves of the penile tissues which promotes erectile function and sexual pleasure even with a flaccid penis.

Many sex toys are not designed to treat erectile dysfunction. However, some of them offer ways in which men can experience sexual pleasure, such as through vibratory stimulation. Other products enable a man to sustain an erection suitable for coital sex, or change the way his erection feels.

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

The Pulse III Solo Essential is a male vibrator designed with PulsePlate Technology which uses powerful oscillations that creates a unique sexual sensation to any other within sex toy design.

The technology behind the Pulse Solo and Pulse Duo lies within science and is based upon devices used by men with spinal cord injuries. Previous studies have discovered the precise frequency and amplitude of vibrations required to allow these men to enjoy orgasms.

The Pulse products are not medical devices but stimulates the frenulum using oscillations, leading to a unique sexual sensation for people who want to discover new ways to reach and enjoy orgasms. However it also gives those who struggle with conventional sex and masturbation the chance to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure by stimulating the nerves of the penile tissues which promotes erectile function and pleasure even with a flaccid penis.

The Pulse III Duo allows couples to simulate intercourse without penetration, helping them to maintain intimacy which may have been lacking before and enjoy prolonged foreplay together.

Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss

The Atom Plus cock ring, designed to be worn around the base of the penis and testicles is the world’s first cock ring created with dual integrated motors, offering intense perineum stimulation combined with powerful vibrations on the top of the shaft of the penis.

The unique sensation that perineum stimulation provides during masturbation can lead to a heightened pleasurable experience resulting in a powerful orgasm. It features an ergonomically shaped contact area for a partner to grind against during penetrative sex, whilst the stretchy ring promotes strong, firm erections and an intense orgasm.

The unique shape of Atom Plus enables it to be used from flaccid and allows the wearer to orgasm even without an erection, making it ideal for those with erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps

Using a penis pump can benefit men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and can also help prevent men from developing ED by maintaining good penis health, which, in turn improves the quality of erections and strength of orgasms. Penis pumps can be helpful in combination with conventional medical treatment or when medication and surgical interventions do not work effectively or cannot be used due to safety reasons.

Penis pumps create a vacuum which increases penile thickness (or girth) by enlarging the volume of the corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue that holds blood to produce an erection, as well as increasing the blood flow to the penis. It also lengthens the penis by stretching the suspensory ligament, making it more elastic and allowing the penis to grow longer during an erection. Using a penis pump on a regular basis can reduce the risk of formation of cavernosal fibrosis (abnormal fibrous tissue in the penis) which can cause ED. (Yuan 2010)

Vaxaid pumps

The VaxAid™V5/ V7/ V9 Deluxe Hydropumps are penile rigidity devices that can be used as an air pump to help achieve and maintain an erection for sexual spontaneity, and can also be used with water as part of a regular penile exercise routine. They open up the tissues and blood vessels which refreshes the penis with fresh oxygenated blood and helps enlarge the corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissue that holds blood during an erection.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the VaxAid penis pumps are designed to support those having problems with erectile dysfunction through warm water “negative pressure” therapy along with the immediate additional support of the included penis rings, which unlike most pumps are placed on the penis before pumping, avoiding the painful snapping onto the penis often required when using a ring with lesser medical pumps. Five penis rings are supplied, allowing your to select the ring of the correct size.

Electro Stimulation

The use of electrical stimulation for pain relief dates back to thousands of years BC. The Ancient Egyptians and later the Greeks and Romans recognized that electrical fishes are capable of generating electric shocks for relief of pain. By the 18th and 19th centuries these natural producers of electricity were replaced by man-made electrical devices.

Within medicine, E-stim is used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics for pain relief and muscle training. However the benefits of using E-stim on the penile tissues has been found to be effective in promoting erections and orgasms without an erection.

Mystim electro stimulation devices exercise and strengthen the muscle cells of the penis through stimulation of the nerve cells. With the help of electrical stimulation it is possible to enjoy an orgasm without an erection.

There have been a number of successful trials in the treatment of erectile disorders with electrical stimulation.These patients were often severe cases for whom no other non-invasive therapy was available, including where CBAT-therapy (the injection of medication into the shaft of the penis) was ineffective because the muscle cells in the cavernous body were no longer reacting. By means of electric stimulation, it was possible to
reactivate these smooth muscle cells and in 23% of the cases to achieve a renewed spontaneous erection.

A further 14% were able to achieve an erection after CBAT, which had previously not been possible. The effect may be explained by the stimulation of the smooth muscle cells of the cavernous body. As these muscles cannot be controlled at will, patients cannot perform an exercise regime.

MyStim devices simulate the nerve pulses to which the muscle cells normally react. This increases their responsiveness and the reaction speed of the nerve cells which in turn exercises the muscle cells of the penis. The electro stimulation may not directly produce an erection. Electro stimulation therapy should be seen as a method of training the cavernous body and the muscles at the base of the pelvis. This period of exercise may require several months.

With regular use, the patient may be able to gain an erection or see an increase in the strength and duration of their erection.

Electro stimulation devices simulate the nerve pulses to which the smooth muscle cells of the cavernous body within the penis normally react. This stimulation increases their responsiveness and the reaction speed of the nerves which in turn exercises the muscle cells of the penis.

Electro stimulation may not directly produce an erection and should be considered as a method of training the cavernous body and the muscles at the base of the penis.

When used daily over several months, penis owners may be able to gain an erection, see an increase in the strength and duration of their erection and even enjoy stronger orgasms.

When used for pleasure electro stimulation creates an intense tingly sensation that can lead to orgasm or be enjoyed for hours.

Mystim Twisting Tom

By using a product like the Mystim Twisting Tom, it is possible to trigger the sphincter muscles at the
base of the pelvis when connected to the Mystim Cluster Buster This increases the pressure in the cavernous body and through this, it is possible to strengthen and prolong the erection.

Mystim Rodeo Robin

The Mystim Rodeo Robin is a set of two adjustable penis rings that can both be used on the shaft of the penis, one at the base, the other near the glans, or one around the testicles and the other at the glans. When the wires are connected to the Mystim Sultry Sub, using Mystim Cluster Buster you can choose from 5 available training programmes which offer a range of electro stimulation pulsation patterns.

The Mystim Self Adhesive Electrodes are an alternative way to deliver electro stimulation to the muscle cells of the penis. They can be attached to either side of the shaft of the penis and then connected to the Mystim Cluster Buster. They can be used alternately with the Mystim Rodeo Robin to exercise the penis.

We believe that sexual health and pleasure go hand in hand and finding ways in which to enjoy sexual intimacy, either using sex toys, penile exercise products, sexual lubricants or just changing the way in which you think about sex is important.

Popping a pill is not always the answer and may not work effectively for some men to create satisfactory erections or sexual pleasure.

Using these products may help to improve and promote your erectile function, enabling you to overcome or reduce the symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of ED or even prevent it from happening.

This, in turn, will hopefully enhance your sexual function, intimacy, pleasure and relationship.

If you would like a health brochure please call or email. We are happy to send health brochures to healthcare professionals too.

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