Rocks Off Enigma Review

Rocks Off Enigma Review

When I first set eyes upon the Rocks Off Enigma I was intrigued by its shape and even more blown away for its incredible flexibility, something I love in a sex toy.

Rocks Off have combined elegant style with exquisite pleasure, the ergonomic design of Enigma which makes it so easy and comfortable to hold whilst the intensely powerful vibrations offer enduring sexual satisfaction.

This 10 function Rabbit vibrator has been designed for intense pleasure and sits perfectly balanced in your hand, the unique ergonomic design giving you total control. The sensitive handle orientation allows pressure to be easily applied against the G-spot with a gentle downwards motion, perfect for you to discover the ideal sexual stimulation for your needs.

Enigma’s independent dual high velocity motors send intense vibrations to the flexible precision G-spot shaft and clitoral arm and the incredible softness and endless flexibility in the shaft and ear adjust perfectly to the shape of your body.

Testing Enigma

On opening the gorgeous box, perfect for gifting to someone you love, Enigma is presented in two pieces, the body of the rabbit and the ergonomic handle. I easily fitted the two pieces together with a simple twist and connected the charging cable to my USB charger to leave it charging.

As with all rechargeable sex toys, it is advisable to charge it fully before use. The LED lights on the handle stay on whilst it is charging and when fully charged, they flash continuously so you know it is ready to use.

There are 5 button controls on the handle, the middle button is the power button and you hold it for 3 seconds to turn on/off. The LED lights stay on.

The motors can be controlled independently, the top buttons control the clitoral arm whilst the lower buttons control the shaft. The settings, vibration speeds and pulsation patterns can be cycled up or down by pressing the corresponding arrow button.

Having has a play with the button control, I nestled down against the pillows and put some of my favourite lubricant YES organic oil based lubricant onto the shaft and ear of the rabbit and my clitoris. Turning it on I decided to try just the shaft of the sex toy on the lowest vibration speed. Slowly slipping it inside my vagina, it satisfyingly filled me up, the shape of the shaft perfectly fitting to the curves of my vagina.

The deep rumbling motor sent vibrations right through to my bottom and it just felt so pleasurable. The combination of having an ergonomic handle with such a flexible toy made it feel so comfortable to use, not struggling to get it in the right place because the shaft fitted perfectly and the clitoral arm rested against my clitoris without digging or pressing as some rabbit style sex toys are prone to do.

I turned on the clitoral button and revelled in the combination of dual stimulation of my G-spot and clitoris. I played with the speeds and pulsation patterns, enjoying the constant vibration of the shaft with an intermittent pulse pattern of the clitoral arm.

I played a little with gently moving it in and out, just barely moving motions which felt great.

Do I like this new Rabbit?

I love sex toys that require very little effort to use, you turn them on, pop them in and leave them to create sexual magic and Enigma is exactly one of these sex toys, bringing me to an incredible orgasm which left my clitoris and vagina twitching for several minutes.

I gently slipped it out and just relaxed against the pillows, noticing how easy it was to remove, unlike some sex toys which can feel uncomfortable to take out after orgasming.

Rocks Off Enigma is definitely elegant style meets exquisite pleasure because that is exactly how it made me feel. Easy to use, powerful vibrations, deep rumbling sensations through to my bottom and the perfect fit, what more could you ask for!


  • Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone.
  • Dual independent motors for blended pleasure.
  • 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels.
  • Ergonomic handle with easy to use controls.
  • Waterproof when in locked position.
  • 3 seconds turn on/off.


The only one I can think about is that you cannot turn off one function, you have to turn the whole sex toy off but this is not really an issue as I discovered the settings that worked for me and stuck to them until I came.