Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Review

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Review

I was eager to try Satisfyer’s new clitoral sex toy, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, as I am a huge fan of the Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator.

This clever little sex toy combines air pulse technology with vibration, offering a range of different and unique sexual sensations for the ultimate sexual pleasure.

I assumed that Satisfyer would just bring out a product very similar to the Satisfyer in design but on receiving my product, it is very different.

What does the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration look like?

Coming with its own magnetic charging cable, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is completely silicone with just a tiny plastic gold coloured stripe between the head and body. It is shaped like a boomerang, although no chance of this coming back if you throw it! It is almost a 90 degree angle.

The whole product is firm, no soft silicone detachable nozzle like the Satisfyer Pro 2. The nozzle area is, however, very smooth and covered with silicone so I was hopeful it would feel just as good. The nozzle is angled slightly so I was interested to see how that would sit on my clitoris and how it would feel compared to the Satisfyer Pro 2.

How Do I Charge It?

To charge, you can either plug it into your computer or use a USB mains charger, I left it doing its thing. The first time you charge it it is advisable to leave it charging for 8 hours, subsequent charging time is around 3 hours but this depends on how often and how long you are using the product for. A single 150 minute charge is supposed to get you 30 minutes playtime so plenty of time to enjoy an orgasm.

The charging cable is magnetic so you connect it to the magnetic metal contacts on the toy. The LED light blinks whilst it’s charging, then stays lit when fully charged. Putting it onto charge for 8 hours, I left it flashing away.

How Does It Work?

Later that day I found time to try out my new toy. I played around with the buttons first as most sex toys have different control mechanisms.

There are 3 controls, the button to turn on the Pulse wave sensations, a button to turn on the vibrations which has a wave sign on it and a larger middle button to increase or decrease the speed of the pulse wave sensations. The vibration button controls both the speed and the pulse patterns too. There are 10 in all, 3 different speeds and 7 different pulse patterns.

I discovered the vibration speed comes on high when you turn it on, something I have found with other sex toy manufacturers and I cannot understand why they do this, I always start on the lowest level and slowly increase to find one to suit my needs. However it isn’t an issue as you can keep pressing it to turn the speed down.

It felt very light and easy to hold as the head is further away from your clitoris, rather than holding it right between your legs.

Testing it out

Taking the pulse wave stimulation first, it felt just as good as the Satisfyer Pro 2 even with a firmer head and the seal around the nozzle was the same. The slight angle of the head in conjunction with the shape of the toy makes it very easy to hold in the correct position. I have always enjoyed levels 4 and 5 on the Pro 2, and they were exactly the same on this sex toy. You don’t have to move this sex toy, once you get a good seal, leave it in pace to work its magic. It goes quiet when you have it in the right place on your clitoris.

I tried it with and without YES oil based organic lubricant, you do get a better seal with a little lubricant and you can use a water based lubricant if you wish, just avoid silicone lubricants as these may damage the silicone of the sex toy.

Not wishing to get carried away and orgasm too quickly, I turned the vibrations on and quickly cycled down the speed as the highest setting was a bit too much to begin with. It certainly created a very different sexual sensation combining both pulse wave stimulation with vibratory power.

It wasn’t long before I enjoyed a glorious orgasm which left my legs shaking.

On playing further I enjoyed orgasms with just the Pulse wave stimulation and just using the vibrator.

The vibration setting is strong and quiet, always a a bonus for any sex toy. I really liked the shape of the head as it nestles against your clitoris whilst the vibrations travel throughout your clitoris. I find I don’t have to move it around like a classic vibrator, I just lie back and luxuriate in gorgeous sexual pleasure!

Did I like the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration?


I love the way Satisfyer have created a sex toy offering all the sexual sensations of the Satisfyer Pro 2 and have then added vibrations to the mix. Combining the pulse wave technology with vibrations offers you a different sexual sensation, a little too strong for me on the higher vibration levels but extremely pleasurable on the lower levels.

On the Pulse Wave setting only, it feels exactly like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the vibration setting feels unique as the head engulfs your clitoris rather than sitting against it and you don’t have to move it around, although you can if you wish.

I also discovered it is perfect for nipple play too, The vibration setting didn’t really do anything for me, I enjoyed the pulse wave stimulation, however the combined stimulation is so unique and extremely pleasurable. Definitely worth trying on yourself and a partner!


  • A fabulous clitoral stimulator that offers both pulse wave stimulation combined with vibratory power
  • The dual control creates three different sexual sensations when combined together or used independently.
  • The ergonomically designed shape of the sex toy makes it very easy to hold and control, the head nestling against your clitoris feels really comfortable.
  • Easy to clean, using a q-tip is a good way to dry the nozzle
  • Waterproof so ideal for bath time pleasure too.
  • Quiet from both the vibratory stimulation and the Pulse wave stimulation.
  • When using the vibrator and pulse wave stimulation together, it does sound a little more noisier but of no real significance.
  • Perfect for nipple stimulation so ideal for those who enjoy nipple orgasms or just enjoy nipple play!


  • Like all Satisfyer products getting it in the right place for the pulse wave stimulation is important- once correctly positioned it goes quiet.
  • Some may find the head a little firm but because it is so powerful you don’t need to press it firmly against your clitoris, just gently holding it in place will do the trick. The head may be firm, but the silicone coating is very smooth.