Erotic Writing Competition July 2021

Diary Competition

Do you think you might enjoy writing erotica? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to BE Jo Divine?⁠⁠

We’re excited to announce our Erotic Writing Competition, with a first prize of £100 of sex toys. At our discretion, we may award additional prizes worth up to £50, and we are on the lookout for a long term author for Jo Divine’s Diary.

We want you to undress Jo Divine, and take her on an explicit journey of sexual awakening. Let your fantasies run wild as you become Jo herself, and document her sizzling adventures in her Secret Diary.

So, what is involved?
If you’ve read Jo’s diary, you’ll know that she leads a pretty colourful life. She’s married, has kids, and a demanding job, but she manages to make time to enjoy sex – on her own and with her partner, and possibly even with others (with Mr Divine’s consent). She definitely knows how to have fun!⁠⁠
We are looking for someone as naughty as Jo herself, to pick up where Jo’s diaries left off… So, we’d like to give you the chance to become Jo Divine.

When we last met Jo, she had just had her first physical encounter with a new partner, Sophia. We’d like you to take the story where we left off. If you’d like to get familiar with the backstory: her first meeting with Sophia was here, the final encounter is here, and there are a few steps in between that you can find here.

Additional information

  • All articles can be written anonymously, or credited to you.⁠⁠
  • All entries will be considered for an ongoing paid writing opportunities – factual or fictional – for our online magazine.
  • You might even become the voice of Jo Divine herself by writing her secret diary!
  • Amateurs and professional writers are equally welcome.
  • We are looking for creativity over grammatical perfection, so if you have ideas but haven’t written before, don’t be put off.⁠⁠ We are happy to sub-edit, and we certainly do not want to discriminate against anyone with dyslexia or similar conditions. We want naughty thoughts, not perfect phrases.
  • We want your writing to be explicit, rude and fun – but we don’t want swear words F—K, C—T etc. – it doesn’t fit in with our site and the big overlord Google doesn’t like it!
  • Have a read of what has gone before – Jo is at the start of her journey, she’s not about to launch herself into a 30-person orgy!
  • If you’d like to submit other stories – real life or fictional – outside the Jo Divine’s Diary setting, feel free to do so. You won’t be in line to win the prize, but if we use your story, we pay!
  • Got lots to say? We’re happy to have multiple entries.

Terms and conditions

  • The decision on all matters related to this competition will be made by the management of Jo Divine and their decisions are final and without appeal.
  • We reserve the right not to award any prize.
  • All prizes are purchases to the value of the prize award on Jo Divine – there is no cash alternative.
  • You must be over the age of 18. If you are not located in the UK, you must be over 18 and over the age of majority in the country of your residence.
  • All entries must be submitted to by the end of July 2021. Please title your email “DIARY COMPETITION.⁠⁠”.
  • You must certify that the writing is all your own work.
  • You can submit multiple entries.
  • If you win, we own your work – you agree that if your story is chosen as a prize winner, we (Jo Divine) own the full rights to the work and can use it in whatever manner we see fit with no further compensation due to.
  • If you do not win, we make no claim to your story, but you understand that Jo Divine is a registered trademark and the fictional character “Jo Divine” belongs to us and is part of that trademark. You cannot publish any story referring to Jo Divine on any platform, whether you are paid for the submission or not.
  • If you win, it does NOT guarantee that you will be engaged as a future author of Jo Divine’s Diary, or any other article.