Stop Telling Women It's Normal
  • Samantha Evans
Stop Telling Women It's Normal

Women are often told sexual health issues are "normal" or "all in their heads" - many are not! From painful sex to abnormal bleeding, women are often ignored when they raise their concerns.

Switching off my brain chatter helped me enjoy better sex
  • Samantha Evans
Switching off my brain chatter helped me enjoy better sex

Do you like sex but aren't enjoying it as much as you feel you should be? For me, the Light Bulb moment was turning off the chatter in my head and staying in the moment.

Placebo or Pill? Can Either Boost Your Libido?
  • Samantha Evans
Placebo or Pill? Can Either Boost Your Libido?

Can a pill really boost your libido or is the “placebo effect” just as good? Popping a pill may seem like a quick fix but there are so many reasons why women experience low libido

The 5:2 diet boosted our sex life
  • Samantha Evans
The 5:2 diet boosted our sex life

Sticking to the 5:2 diet together for the last 4 years has not only helped us to lose weight and keep it off, it has boosted our sex life and could do the same for you too

Why Do Some Healthcare Professionals Medicalise Sex?
  • Samantha Evans
Why Do Some Healthcare Professionals Medicalise Sex?

Many people enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure, yet when sexual function is affected by illness, disease injury or growing old, some healthcare professionals struggle to talk to their patients about sexual issues.

Body Image Issues
  • Nicci Talbot
Body Image Issues

The internalized perception of our bodies is our ‘body image’. It can be positive and negative, changing over time. Research has found that girls as young as five are self-critical about their appearance.

Writing about sex has improved my sex life
  • Samantha Evans
Writing about sex has improved my sex life

How writing about sex has improved my sex life, opening my eyes to an amazing world of sexual experiences and sensations, leading to a more fun sex life!

Stop making sexual advice contradictory!
  • Samantha Evans
Stop making sexual advice contradictory!

It's time to stop making sexual advice contradictory and give people the information they need rather than confusing them.

Enjoying sex doesn’t empower you!
  • Samantha Evans
Enjoying sex doesn’t empower you!

Enjoying sex doesn't make you empowered so please stop using that word!

Why are designer vaginas so popular?
  • Samantha Evans
Why are designer vaginas so popular?

Why are women undergoing surgery to have a designer vagina? Jo Divine takes a look at the rise of this popular cosmetic surgery to find out why.

Why I'm having better sex in my 40s than in my 20s
  • Samantha Evans
Why I'm having better sex in my 40s than in my 20s

Age isn't a barrier to having sex! I'm having better sex in my 40's than I did in my 20's and so can you.

Sex In The Media vs Reality
  • Megan Barnett
Sex In The Media vs Reality

Sex portrayed in the media can often be very misleading as to what real sex should be like. A recent study has found that in reality, older people are having sex more regularly than the buffed beauties splashed across billboards in the mainstream!

Stop faking those orgasms!
  • Samantha Evans
Stop faking those orgasms!

Stop missing out on amazing orgasms and follow these tips to achieve your perfect mind blowing orgasm!

Want Great Skin? Have Sex!
  • Samantha Evans
Want Great Skin? Have Sex!

According to a survey conducted by Elizabeth Arden in 2013, 21% of women would give up sex if it made them look younger... but in actual fact, having regular sex makes you look younger!

Penis Facts
  • Samantha Evans
Penis Facts

How well do you know your penis? Here are some interesting and helpful facts about your penis that you may not be aware of.

Annoying things about getting older as a woman
  • Samantha Evans
Annoying things about getting older as a woman

Some of the following things will have older women nodding in agreement and younger women preparing themselves for what is to come.