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Our high quality glass dildos are a sensual treat that have to be felt to be believed.

All of our glass dildos are made from medical grade borosilicate glass, the same material used by Pyrex. This material, essentially lead-free crystal, is completely non-toxic and will withstand extreme temperatures as well as physical shock. Our products are safe and beautiful to look at - quality is essential when it comes to glass products.

Indulge in temperature play by cooling in the fridge or heating gently in warm wate.

As long as you are careful with these toys and do not drop them on any hard surfaces, they will last a lifetime

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Icicles No 48 Pink Glass Anal Plug
  • £29.99
Icicles No 47 Beaded Glass Anal Plug
  • £24.99
Icicles No 26 Smooth Long Glass Anal Plug
  • £37.99
Icicles No 25 Fat Clear Glass Dildo Butt Plug
  • £44.99

Sold out

Icicles No 14 Clear Glass Anal Plug
  • £39.99