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These toys have a hidden secret - on the outside they look just like ordinary vibrators, but looks are not everything! Say hello to Fun Factory's exclusive new range of pulsators: toys which are specially engineered to thrust all by themselves. Truly a breakthrough in technology!

All are made with a soft, ergonomic silicone exterior which encases a metal shaft inside. These completely waterproof toys from German manufacturer Fun Factory cleverly use internal magnets to cause a strong thrusting motion to occur - the unit itself does not shrink or extend, but instead the movement of the magnets inside the toys cause them to powerfully penetrate your body for a familiar yet unique experience.

Also ideal for those with limited manual dexterity

Pulsators are not recommended for those with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) as they are use large magnets.

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Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion
  • £149.99
Fun Factory Stronic Surf
  • £144.99
Fun Factory Stronic Real
  • £144.99
Fun Factory Stronic G
  • £144.99
Fun Factory Sundaze
  • £128.99