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Luxury Anal Sex Toys

New sensations

Anal sex is something of a taboo, but millions of people of all sexual orientations experiment with anal sex.

The whole area is richly endowed with nerve endings and many people find stimulation of the anus highly erotic, so we've included a few high quality toys for you to enjoy.

Remember that hygiene is a strong priority in this area and our toys are easily cleaned. You can never have too much lube in this area, so make sure you've plenty.

Anal Toys

Anal Plugs

Our metal anal butt plugs are ideal for beginners and the more experienced to enjoy anal arousal.

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Anal Beads

Anal beads create intense sensations when inserted or withdrawn. Explore our range of high quality anal beads.

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Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are designed to stimulate this nerve-rich area - in men this is particularly intense, as many men find stimulation of the prostate to be highly pleasurable.

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Anal Accessories

The anal accessories to make anal sex that bit easier and more fun

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