Jo Divine's Secret Diary

Captivating Caresses

Jo's been invited around to Sophia's house for their second date. Will she be able to relax and enjoy her company?

Dinner For Two

With Mr Divine away on business, Jo decided to bite the bullet and invite Sophia over for dinner. Would there be more than a meal on the menu?

Two Worlds Collide - Part Two

Having finally met Sophia, would Mr Divine give their adventures his blessing?

Two Worlds Collide - Part One

Jo bit the bullet and set up a coffee date with Sophia, but how would Mr Divine cope meeting his potential love rival?

Sweet Satysfaction

Jo decided to treat herself to the Satisfyer Pro 2. Would it be a toy that lived up to its name?

New Beginnings

Although nothing has happened between them, Jo can't keep her meeting from Sophia from her husband any longer. How will he take the idea of his wif...

Forbidden Fantasies

Having returned from her weekend away, Jo still has Sophia very much on her mind. But what will she do when she's reunited with her husband?

An elegant encounter

Would Jo be tasting more than just the fruity flavours of her drink during the wine tasting?

Culinary explorations

On a culinary weekend away, it was more than just the heat from the kitchen that was getting Jo hot under the collar.

Steamy showers

Left to her own devices in a city hotel room, things began to get a little steamy for Jo when a mystery guest set her heart racing.

Shooting Stars

Mr Divine decided it was time to give Jo the superstar treatment she deserved with a tantalising treat, but would she be impressed by his spontaneity?

Innocent beginnings

Jo's plans for another romantic Valentine's Day seem to have been scuppered! Will Mr Divine be able to salvage any hopes for a night to remember fo...