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10 Ways Sex Can Boost Your Health

Sex doesn't just feel good, it does good too! We take a look at 10 different ways sex can improve your overall health and wellbeing including better sleep, looking younger, boosting immunity and increasing your productivity , just to name a few.

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When Sex is Silent - Living with Cancer

Cheryl Johnson wrote this fabulous article about her experience of being diagnosed with cancer and this impact of treatment, yet at no point during her journey did any medical or healthcare professional talk to her about sex. She created her blog to help anyone going through cancer treatment enjoy pleasurable sex and make talking about sex a compulsory part of care.

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Living with Pudendal Neuralgia

Women are often told their pain is "all in their heads" - Marion Jones was one of those women. She has Pudendal Neuralgia and kindly shared her journey to get a diagnosis, numerous treatments and her experience of living with this painful pelvic condition every day.

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