Sexual Health

Jo Divine Health Brochure
  • Samantha Evans
Jo Divine Health Brochure

Having a health issue doesn't mean your sex life will have to stop. This is why we work with many healthcare professionals who want to help their patients to enjoy pleasurable sex.

Sexual Health and Pleasure Talks to Healthcare Professionals
  • Samantha Evans
Sexual Health and Pleasure Talks to Healthcare Professionals

We work with many healthcare professionals at Jo Divine because we believe sexual health and pleasure go hand in hand. As a former nurse and sexual health and pleasure expert, Samantha gives talks to HCPs to help them advise their patients about ways to enjoy good sexual health and pleasurable sex.

Sex and Cancer Talks, Podcasts, Videos and Events
  • Samantha Evans
Sex and Cancer Talks, Podcasts, Videos and Events

We advise many people who have had or have cancer and are going through treatment to help them regain their sexual function and reclaim their sex life. Working with several cancer charities, Samantha gives talks at their events, writes for their websites and also gives talks to healthcare professionals too.

Menopause and Sex talks and events
  • Samantha Evans
Menopause and Sex talks and events

These are the menopause events and talks about sex and menopause that Samantha has attended and given as a sexual health and pleasure expert

Cancer Charity and Support Group Work
  • Samantha Evans
Cancer Charity and Support Group Work

At Jo Divine we work with several cancer charities and support groups, by giving talks, webinars, products and health brochures for events, writing sexual health and pleasure articles and helping people who have been signposted to us by the charities

Want thrush? Use a bath bomb!
  • Samantha Evans
Want thrush? Use a bath bomb!

Samantha says bath bombs should be renamed thrush bombs and says, "stop before throwing that bath bomb into the water, think about your intimate health!"

How do I use my lube?
  • Samantha Evans
How do I use my lube?

What is the best way to use a sexual lubricant?

How Do I Use My Vaginal Moisturiser?
  • Samantha Evans
How Do I Use My Vaginal Moisturiser?

Find out how what vaginal moisturiser is and how to use it.

Do you moisturise your vulva and vagina?
  • Samantha Evans
Do you moisturise your vulva and vagina?

Samantha explains why ingredients really matter when it comes to choosing suitable products to moisturise your vulva and vagina for good intimate health and pleasurable sex.

Breastfeeding and Sex - Use A Good Lube
  • Samantha Evans
Breastfeeding and Sex - Use A Good Lube

Samantha shares why using a good irritant free lube is important when breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to use a good lube if you take antihistamines
  • Samantha Evans
Don’t forget to use a good lube if you take antihistamines

Samantha shares why using a good irrtiant free lube is important if you take antihistamines.

Menopause and Libido
  • Samantha Evans
Menopause and Libido

Struggling with low libido? Taking HRT and testosterone can help, however, low hormonal levels may not just be the only reason your libido is low so take a look at your sexual health, relationships, lifestyle work and family life as these can all affect your sexual desire and arousal.

Sex, Myths and The Menopause
  • Samantha Evans
Sex, Myths and The Menopause

"As someone who helps many people enjoy great sex during and post menopause I want to dispel the myth that your sex life will stop or it just will not feel as good". We have plenty of practical advice, tips and products recommendations so you can discover what works for you and enjoy amazing sex.

Creating an Intimacy Bag
  • Samantha Evans
Creating an Intimacy Bag

Creating an Intimacy Bag is a great way to get your sex life back on track and help you feel more sexual when you have had or have a sexual health issues. "Your intimacy bag can be your fun bag, your way to regaining your sexual function and enjoying sexual intimacy and pleasure in whatever way you wish or are able to".

Condom allergy? It could be the lubrication!
  • Samantha Evans
Condom allergy? It could be the lubrication!

Have you switched to a non latex condom because you think you have a latex allergy? It could be the lubricant on the condom or the lubricant you are using and not a latex allergy!

10 Ways Sex Can Boost Your Health
  • Megan Barnett
10 Ways Sex Can Boost Your Health

Sex doesn't just feel good, it does good too! We take a look at 10 different ways sex can improve your overall health and wellbeing including better sleep, looking younger, boosting immunity and increasing your productivity , just to name a few.