The Bathmate Hydromax Long Term Review

Week 13 - Incredible Gains
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Week 13 - Incredible Gains

Our reviewer has been making some huge gains with the Xtreme pump.

- Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review
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- Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Our reviewer loves the Hydromax Xtreme.

Week 11 - Things Get Xtreme
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Week 11 - Things Get Xtreme

Our reviewer gets his hands on the Hydromax Xtreme. See how he does!

Week 10 - Nothing To Report
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Week 10 - Nothing To Report

Not a lot to report

Week 9 - Back From Holiday
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Week 9 - Back From Holiday

Back from my holidays - what will 10 days away from the Hydromax do?

Week 8 - Holiday Is Coming!
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Week 8 - Holiday Is Coming!

How will things change when I don't take the Bathmate Hydromax on holiday?

Week 7 - Continued Progress
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Week 7 - Continued Progress

Not much to report except continued progress.

Week 6 - Working Again
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Week 6 - Working Again

Bathmate Hydromax is working again.

Week 5 - Something's Gone Wrong!
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Week 5 - Something's Gone Wrong!

A couple of problems - but luckily all it sorted quickly.

Week 4 - Gains Start To Stick
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Week 4 - Gains Start To Stick

After 4 weeks, it seems that size gains thanks to the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump are starting to stick!

Week 3 - Goodbye to the Bathmate Ache!
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Week 3 - Goodbye to the Bathmate Ache!

The Bathmate ache has disappeared and I continue to see gains in both girth, length and erection hardness thanks to the Bathmate.

Week 2 with Bathmate Hydromax
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Week 2 with Bathmate Hydromax

A summary of my second week using the Bathmate Hydromax.

To The End of Week 1 (Days 4-8)
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To The End of Week 1 (Days 4-8)

The final few days of my first week with a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump.

A Summary of using the Bathmate Hydromax for 1 week
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A Summary of using the Bathmate Hydromax for 1 week

An overview of my impressions of the Bathmate Hydromax after using it for one week.

Day 3: Bathmate Video Star
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Day 3: Bathmate Video Star

I take the Bathmate back to the bath and have some fun with a video camera and a stop-watch!

Day 2: Into The Shower! - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review
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Day 2: Into The Shower!

I take my Bathmate Hydromax into the shower for the first time - and find things a little harder than I expected (pun intended!).