Unpicking my Shame Around Masturbation
  • MJ Sohal
Unpicking my Shame Around Masturbation

MJ shares why she believes she carries shame around masturbation, how she's working to unpick it, as well as why she's bothering at all.

Why Everyone Loves Boobs
  • Alice Hunter
Why Everyone Loves Boobs

Alice Hunter explores the fascination so many people have with breasts, their depiction throughout history, why a third of women are disappointed with their breast size.

Being transgender is not a fad
  • Staff
Being transgender is not a fad

Jo Armstrong shares their experience as a transgender person and the importance of Transgender Day of Visibility.

Group Sex – Is it natural?
  • Alice Hunter
Group Sex – Is it natural?

Group Sex - Is it natural? Alice Hunter shares how it occurs in nature and has been depicted throughout history in artwork across the world and why, "Ultimately, group sex is a fun, exciting and completely natural way for human beings to enjoy their sexuality"

Sex and type 1 diabetes
  • MJ Sohal
Sex and type 1 diabetes

MJ writes about her experience of living with type 1 diabetes, the impact it has upon her relationships, enjoying sexual intimacy and pleasure and why talking about sex with your healthcare team is just as important as discussing your eyes, feet, urine and blood pressure.

Winning back our sex life after prostate cancer - a personal story by Elvin Box
Winning back our sex life after prostate cancer - a personal story by Elvin Box

Elvin Box, a survivor of Prostate cancer and passionate campaigner shares his honest experience of the sexual impact cancer has had upon his physical, and mental wellbeing and his relationship with his wife.

Promiscuity vs Sexual Empowerment
  • Eleni Peitho
Promiscuity vs Sexual Empowerment

Eleni writes about the difference between promiscuity and sexual freedom, sharing her views, that of others and her own personal experiences too. "Be aware, be conscious in your decisions, wake up revelling in the delicious encounter you had, because you did it deliberately and you know you were safe".

Consent Is Sexy
  • Eleni Peitho
Consent Is Sexy

Eleni writes about the reasons why we struggle with consent within our sexual relationships yet "Sex is also most fun for everyone when everyone involved is consenting and — therefore — enjoying it".

A Day in The Life of a Sex Therapist
  • Julie Sale
A Day in The Life of a Sex Therapist

Curious about what a sex therapist does? Julie Sale shares her fascinating and varied day as a sex therapist.

Ethical Nonmonogamy
  • Eleni Peitho
Ethical Nonmonogamy

Eleni shares her personal experience on nonmonogamy after the slow realisation that monogamy wasn’t working particularly well. For some, monogamy works perfectly, for others exploring ethical nonmonogamy can be the route to enjoying better relationships.

Fantasies and Desires
  • Eleni Peitho
Fantasies and Desires

Eleni takes us on a journey into her mind and opens up about her thoughts surrounding fantasies and desires, something many of us enjoy, either in our own heads or acting them out in real life. Our brain is a very sexual part of our body and as Eleni says "the beauty of fantasy is that literally anything goes".

Introducing Eleni
  • Eleni Peitho
Introducing Eleni

Meet Eleni who has been exploring kink and nonmonogamy since 2015. As a staunch feminist and a vegan who has type 1 diabetes; all of which impact her experiences in the worlds of kink and BDSM she loves to share her thoughts with anyone willing to listen.

Breast Cancer and Confidence
Breast Cancer and Confidence

Darls shares her honest experience of breast cancer and regaining her confidence, including intimate details of her journey, some sad, some very funny. In sharing this she wants people to know you are not alone, help and support is available.

Love your Labia: How to get the perfect vagina that you and your sexual partners will adore
  • Alice Hunter
Love your Labia: How to get the perfect vagina that you and your sexual partners will adore

Alice Hunter explores the world of labia/vagina rejuvenation treaments and why we need to love our labia, no one needs to look like "Barbie".

Disability and Accessibility on the Swinging and Kink Scenes
  • Alice Hunter
Disability and Accessibility on the Swinging and Kink Scenes

We highlight the issue of accessibility of the kink and swinging scenes for people who have a disability, either visible or hidden.

My Fake Boyfriend
  • Alice Hunter
My Fake Boyfriend

Alice Hunter talks about the pros and cons of having a "fake boyfriend".