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Male masturbation sleeves can be used for both solitary pleasure or to add extra spice with a partner.

Don't expect the same feelings that you're used to: the sensations from these toys can be wildly and deliciously different.

So, make your choice and prepare for a wild ride...

12 products found in Male Masturbators

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Big Teaze VerSpanken H2O
  • £29.99
TENGA Wavy Egg Male Masturbator
  • £9.99
Fleshlight Quickshot Lady/Butt Stamina Training Unit
  • £35.99
TENGA Twister Egg Male Masturbator
  • £9.99
TENGA Silky Egg Male Masturbator
  • £9.99
Tenga Air Regular
  • £24.99

Sold out

Tenga Air Twist Tickle
  • £34.99

Sold out

TENGA Flip Hole
  • £69.99
TENGA Spider Egg Male Masturbator
  • £9.99
TENGA Clicker Egg Male Masturbator
  • £9.99
Big Teaze VerSpanken WaterWieners
  • £15.99
Tenga Flip-O
  • £99.99