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Introducing the Bathmate Hydromax and Hydromax Xtreme penis pumps. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Bathmate have created a penis pump which works with the body to produce better and bigger erections. It uses water to ensure that a safe, even vacuum is applied over the entire penis without requiring a constriction ring, unlike lesser devices on the market today.

The use of warm water stimulates circulation and enhances blood flow throughout the penis, while the vacuum opens up the tissues and blood vessels. Whilst inside the Hydromax, the volume of the penis will usually be over 25% bigger than your normal erection, which refreshes the penis with fresh oxygenated blood and helps enlarge the corpora cavernosa - the spongy tissue that holds blood during an erection.

By using Bathmate for 15 minutes as part of your daily shower or bath routine, you can help avoid erectile dysfunction which is often a symptom of ageing or medication conditions, which in turn allows you to avoid the cost and side-effects of medication. The Bathmate can also be used to help you regain your erectile function when used regularly to exercise your penis and promote your erection.

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3 Products