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How to have a cervical orgasm

How to have a cervical orgasm | Jo Divine

When it comes to sexual pleasure, there is often still some debate over the female orgasm. However, today we now know that 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax, and that the G-Spot is not a spot as such, but an area within the vaginal canal.

But that’s not all: it’s also possible for women to achieve an orgasm through cervical and A-Spot stimulation too!

Watch our cervical orgasm video below:

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The What-Spot?

The A-Spot, scientifically known as the anterior fornix, was first discovered in 1993 by Malaysian scientist Dr Chu Chee Ann. He noted that deep stimulation, further up from the G-Spot, caused female patients to become highly aroused. This led to the discovery of the A-Spot, which may be a key erogenous zone for increasing natural lubrication and female sexual arousal.

Studies found that women can achieve orgasms through A-Spot stimulation alone, without need of clitoral stimulation as most women do with G-Spot stimulation. However, if the A-Spot is new to you, clitoral play may help you to ease into stimulation of this unfamiliar erogenous zone.

How can I find my A-Spot?

While the cervix and the A-Spot are incredibly close together, they are separate erogenous zones that can be stimulated in different ways. The A-Spot is located just behind the cervix and is made up of the posterior fornix and anterior fornix. It is also referred to as the female prostate, and can produce strong orgasmic contractions.

Dr Ann recommended a “scooping” or “come hither” motion to stimulate the A-Spot, much like you would do to stimulate the G-Spot, only deeper within the vagina. If your fingers aren’t long enough to reach it, then using a longer sex toy designed for A-spot stimulation or your partner’s fingers or penis may be easier for you to stimulate it.

Both cervical and A-Spot stimulation require deep penetration as they are located at the very back of the vagina. Using the cowgirl position (woman on top) during sex can achieve this degree of deep penetration and allow you to experience clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Cervical and A-Spot pleasure

Tantric sex focuses largely on the cervical orgasm, which is seen as a woman’s gateway to multiple orgasms. It is believed that when the penis and cervix meet, they enter a “Tantric Circle”, which is the fullest state of oneness and highest level of female pleasure.

Cervical stimulation can produce multiple orgasms as, unlike the clitoris, it doesn’t get overstimulated and become too sensitive to touch.

What are the best sex toys for cervical stimulation?

Larger, flexible sex toys are best for cervical and A-Spot stimulation. The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 is a great vibrator, as its slightly raised tip offers slight textured play as it rubs against the A-Spot. Its long length and large girth also means that you may not have to move it as much during use, meaning hands free fun!

There are some slimmer sex toys that can stimulate the cervical area too; the OhMiBod Cuddle allows for generous, deep thrusting motions which means that you can reach your A-Spot for mind-blowing stimulation.

Flexible toys are great for deep stimulation too, such as the Rocks-Off Regala.

The Lady Bi from Fun Factory is perhaps the best sex toy for cervical stimulation, as it is specifically designed with the A-Spot in mind! It has an ultra long shaft that is not only tapered to specifically deliver deep sensations, but also has a raised bump for G-Spot stimulation as well as a clitoral arm for external play! This means you can have three in one fun like never before!

Watch our cervical orgasm video below:

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Also you can watch myself and Samantha below in our follow up review for the Fun Factory Lady Bi:

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