The Bathmate Hydromax Long Term Review

To The End of Week 1 (Days 4-8)

The final few days of my first week with a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump.

A Summary of using the Bathmate Hydromax for 1 week

An overview of my impressions of the Bathmate Hydromax after using it for one week.

Day 3: Bathmate Video Star

I take the Bathmate back to the bath and have some fun with a video camera and a stop-watch!

Day 2: Into The Shower!

I take my Bathmate Hydromax into the shower for the first time - and find things a little harder than I expected (pun intended!).

Bathmate Arrives!

Our reviewer gets his hands on the Bathmate Hydromax for the first time - with impressive results!

An Introduction to the Bathmate Hydromax Long Term Review Blog

The first entry in the long term review of the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump. Used improve and strengthen erections, I will be giving an honest acco...