CalExotics Inspire Vibrating Breast Massager review

CalExotics Inspire Vibrating Breast Massager review

When I first came across the CalExotics Inspire Vibrating Breast Massager I was so thrilled as painful breasts have plagued me nearly almost all my life! What a fabulous product!

As much as I love my boobs, they’re still perky even though I’m 50, I often had a “Love/Hate” relationship with them as they were so painful and felt heavy at times. My husband loves them but has had to be really careful not to touch them throughout our relationship at times because they hurt so much and the nipples were sore.

Many women experience breast pain as a result of hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle and menopause, when breastfeeding and often after breast surgery for cancer.

This gorgeous breast massager is from the Inspire range which also includes the silky soft silicone dilators too. I was impressed by the softness of the silicone and how flexible the massager was.

It is designed to gently and comfortably stimulate the breasts to promote increased circulation, which in turn, may relieve soreness and pain,flush out toxins, help strengthen muscle tissue and provide intimate stimulation too. Due to its unique shape the massager sits comfortably inside most bras and is remote control for ease of use too.

Testing the Inspire Breast Massager

The Inspire Breast Massager comes with a compact style remote control which even has a handy mirror and can be used with or without the remote. The remote has a range of 5 metres.

The charging port for the massager is on the bottom of the left hand cup and has a self sealing port to make the massager waterproof and the charging port for the remote compact is located on the side. The charging cable is doubled pronged so you can charge them at the same time.

As with any rechargeable product,you need to give it a complete charge, 3 hours for this product. Once charged , it will run for 2 hours on high speed and 3 hours on low speed.

Unlike the sex toys I review I can use my massager anywhere in the house so decided to try it out when watching TV in the evening. Before putting inside my bra, snuggling it under my breasts, I turned it on by pressing the button on the left hand cup which gives one buzz when you press it then starts when you give it another press. This same button will cycle through the range of pulsation patterns of which there are 10 and 5 different speed levels.

I have to say it sounded loud and comes on at the highest speed level but easy to turn down using the remote compact control.

Once snuggled inside my bra, the noise levels decrease significantly which is good. I played around with the speed setting, settling on the middle level as I found the faster speeds too much for my breasts. I had fun playing with the pulsation patterns, again controlled by the middle button on the remote, you just keep pressing it to find one you like. I loved the revving ones but soon moved back to the middle speed setting as it felt so soothing.

It was such a pleasurable and soothing sensation, quietly massaging away inside my bra whilst I watched one of my favourite programmes.

What was even more fun was when my husband sat down next to me whilst it was off, then I turned it on using the remote – he jumped so quickly which was so funny! He took control of the remote and started playing with the speeds and pulsation patterns which was a giggle too.

Do I like the Inspire Breast Massager?

Very much so. I found it incredibly soothing and it really eased my breast pain. I have often resorted to using a heat pad on my breasts to soothe them but this was more effective and felt comforting too. From a sexual point of view, I did not find it arousing, it just eased my discomfort. However it is great to use to ease pain so you can enjoy breast and nipple play with a partner without discomfort.


  • Silky soft flexible silicone
  • Easy to use inside most bras
  • Self sealing charging port which makes it waterproof so great for sue in the bath whilst you are having a soak.
  • Can be used with or without the remote control.
  • The compact remote control is a great design as no one will know what it is
  • 10 pulsations patterns and 5 speeds ensure you will find one suitable for your needs.


  • Comes on high speed but easy to turn down on massager or using the remote.
  • May be a little noisy for some but unlike a sex toy this really is not a problem.