Review – Fun Factory Semirealistic

Review – Fun Factory Semirealistic

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Fun Factory is a German brand that makes quality sex toys and adult products. A veteran in the industry, their toys are well made – fun designs with crazy names. They now have rechargeable vibes, prostate toys and the latest fancy Stronic Pulsators: Eins, Zwei and Drei, which I’ll be comparing shortly.

I have a Semirealistic G-spot vibrator in dusky pink. It’s a basic model from the range: battery-operated rather than rechargeable and takes 4 AAA batteries. I don’t have any of these in the house and it doesn’t come with any – so first off, a trip to the shops to sort it out (rechargeable over regular boys).

The Spec

  • Battery-operated G-spot vibe
  • Phthalate-free, body-safe silicone
  • 4 x AAA batteries
  • Waterproof when closed properly
  • Boxed (no satin pouch)
  • 21.9 cm x 3.5 cm diameter (4.5 – 5” insertable)


It comes in a silver and red box, which looks okay but is slightly basic (nesting in cardboard inside) so doesn’t feel luxurious. I was also surprised that there’s no storage pouch to keep it clean, as you’re not likely to keep the toy in the box once opened. Fun Factory stocks these at £3.99 as an ‘accessory’ but in my opinion it’s a necessity. This is a matte silicone toy with lots of ridges – the cleated design looks lovely but it’s a dust magnet and I had to clean it before I could use it.

This one is Blackberry Pink. I’ve been chuntering about the lack of diversity in sex toy colours – see my Pink Stinks comments – but it’s actually a rather pretty colour: ‘post-orgasm blush’, which is what it will inspire, I’m sure… It also feels chunky and nice to hold, weighty, curvy, pliable, ridged and it is indeed semi-realistic. A proper phallic vibe. The team at Good Vibes designed it and I imagine they know a trick or two about good toy design…

The curves and ridges are designed for G-spot play and it has a tiny nub at the base for clitoral stimulation rather than rabbit ears. Given the material – matte and absorbent – you’ll need a good dollop of water-based lube with this to use it internally as it’s a large toy.

Unscrew the cap and insert the batteries – easier said than done. The cap is a bit fiddly and takes some pressure to get it on and off (it needs to be tightly screwed on to be fully waterproof). When it’s on properly you’ll feel it click. There are three buttons: + to activate it/speed it up, – to slow it down/turn it off and a ‘booster’ button on the head of the toy which is a great idea. Sometimes you need a bit of extra pressure to tip you over the edge and this toy delivers when you press and hold the booster.

How does it perform?

Hold down the + button to activate and you will cycle through the speeds: there are eight settings. I couldn’t distinguish between all eight but it’s powerful and strong on the top setting. Use the – button to slow it down or turn it off. There are three functions (pulsing, thrusting, ride that wave…) which are activated when you press and hold the + key on the top setting.

The buttons drove me potty and it feels like they need breaking in. Hard plastic or maybe I’m just feeble (my wrists are a bit weak) but I couldn’t get them to do what I wanted. The – button requires some force to activate and I couldn’t turn it off. Using lots of lube also made my hands slippery, which didn’t help. I ended up putting it down on the bed (it kept on rockin’) and I had to twist the cap off to stop it once my hands were dry.

Also when it’s powered up the whole toy vibrates, button end included, which feels a bit odd and make the buttons tricky to use. I’d prefer it if the base part vibrated leaving the top bit static as it feels like all the power is concentrated in the base, which is outside the body when you actually need and want the vibes on your G-spot if you’re using this internally. It’s difficult to activate the buttons when the toy is vibrating like a juggernaut…

No complaints on the vibes though – they are nice and deep, rumbly and satisfying. I can’t stand tinny vibrators. The ridges also provide a little frisson so it feels good when you tease it in and out. Jiggle the nub around and you will get a clitoral fix. Once it’s inside and bending however, some of the power in the vibration is lost – it seems to be concentrated around the base so I think this needs addressing. I’m curious to compare how it feels on the rechargeable models (such as the Big Boss).


Overall, it’s not bad for a mid-priced toy but a few things could be improved. I’d like the buttons to be more intuitive and easier to press and for the whole thing not to vibrate once you switch it on. It is ‘semi-realistic’, feels and looks great but needs a storage pouch or at least some toy cleaner thrown in to stop it picking up dust. Not a good look when you first open a new toy’s box… £52.99 is also a fair amount to pay for a battery-operated toy with no batteries or pouch included.

I’m looking forward to testing out the rechargeable upgrades and the new Pulsating range – Stronic Eins (Strong One, or Two or Three…) or Strong Man, as I’d like to rename it!