Fun Factory Stronic Eins Review

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Review

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It’s been a while since Fun Factory released any new toys so its latest offering, the Stronic range (Eins, Drei and Zwei), has been highly anticipated. They’re a fun brand and make high quality products so have been beavering away behind the scenes on something completely different.

I have the Stronic Eins to test out, which is a ‘Pulsator’ not a vibrator – i.e. a toy that does the thrusting rather than the other way around. Fun Factory describe them as “the strong toy generation 3.0. Powerfully thrusting, radiant in form and arousing in a very active way…” Well, mine is fluro pink so definitely blooming and I love their marketing materials, which along with the giant FUN button adds a cheeky sense of fun.

So, appearances first: it comes in the signature gold and red box and looks like it means business – 9 ½ inches in length, 6 inches insertable. It’s a heavy toy – give it a shake and you can feel the magnets inside shuttling back and forth. It’s slightly curved at the tip for G-spot play and has a raised nub at the opposite end, presumably to stimulate the clitoris, though I don’t think the proportions quite fit. I also like the back-lit buttons – handy in the dark or if someone else is using it on you.

It needs a 16-hour charge to use on full capacity, which is much longer than the normal 4 hours so a good indicator as to how powerful this toy is. I like the magnetic ‘Click and Charge’ charger – it has a satisfying click and is fun to use. Mine arrived partially charged so I’ll do a full charge later and compare the difference.

Putting it to the test

This is an unusual toy, so have a play first to familiarise yourself as the settings are quite varied. Press the FUN button to operate it and cycle through 10 modes using the + and – keys. The – key takes you through the algorithmic modes and the + key cycles through constant and dynamic modes (i.e. more powerful). The modes are quirky and designed to be a bit random (realistic then) and I had a chuckle at one setting which sounds like soldiers banging on a drum. It’s also pretty quiet, which is a surprise for such a high-powered toy.

Using it does require a mental shift: as you don’t ‘do’ anything to this toy, it works better if you hold it lightly and allow it to move rather than the usual iron grip. It’s rather civilized in that respect: lie back, pop it in and let the Stronic Eins work its magic. It is essentially a portable love machine and there’s not really anything else like it on the market – more traditional love machines are far more expensive and not as easy to transport.

Kneeling and standing up doesn’t really work – you need to lie down to use it. It may work in other positions if your PC muscles are strong enough to hold it in place, so that’s something to experiment with. I had to hold it in place on higher settings, which is a bit annoying as you want to forget that you’re holding a toy and get lost in the sensation. You also need to use a fair amount of water-based lubricant as it has a draggy matte silicone surface which also tends to attract dust.

Press the FUN button and it’s set to ‘perfect start,’ which is a mid-speed setting to get you going. I got a bit lost testing out the different modes as there’s a lot to explore but it’s strong, powerful and delivers deep sensations. They don’t compare to the real deal, of course – but they do feel good.


Pros: The Stronic Eins is a powerful toy and a ‘grower’ – you need to experiment with the modes and find what works for you. It’s fully waterproof, so run a hot bath and take your time with it.

Cons: Not enough clitoral stimulation – I found myself using another toy externally as the nub on this didn’t really fit my body. It’s something that I won’t use everyday and I would need to combine it with another vibrator – for the Stronic Eins’ price I would really want a ‘one toy fits all’ policy. I didn’t like having to hold it inside me on the higher settings to stop it slipping out – perhaps I used too much lube or maybe I just need to do more pelvic exercise… However, it needs to work hands-free and be one that I can potentially move around with.

My verdict – a powerful portable love machine that’s great for sufferers of wrist strain and works very well with a bullet vibe to warm you up. It’s no substitute for the real thing, of course – but it does the job nicely when that’s not available.

Buy yours today.

PS. The latest version (Stronic Drei) has ridges to enhance the sensation and the Bi Stronic Fusion has a vibrating clitoral stimulator, which I’m sure will feel fabulous!