Jil Ava Review

Jil Ava Review

As someone who tests many sex toys I have often found using a rabbit vibrator a struggle as many are quite rigid in design and the rabbit ear/arm does not fit my body shape so I was really excited to discover the JIL range of incredibly flexible sex toys

JIL have utilised Silicone Flex technology to create the ultimate flexible sex toy, designed to fit almost any body shape. These unique products are made by pouring liquid silicone over the motors which have been placed in the moulds, creating the most flexible sex toys I have ever seen.

I was thrilled to be sent the Ava by JIL, a gorgeous dual motor rabbit vibrator, designed using new advanced silicone flex technology which creates incredible softness and endless flexibility in the shaft and ear that adjusts perfectly to the shape of your body.

The very powerful 10 speed/ pulsation motors in the shaft and the clitoral arm allow you to enjoy intense vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

On opening the box and removing Ava, I was impressed at just how much I could flex this rabbit vibrator, the super flexible ear bending right back.


Testing Ava

As with any rechargeable sex toy, it is advisable to give it a long charge prior to first use. The charging port on the Ava was located on the back of the product, marked with the letters DC. The design means it is self sealing to allow Ava to be 100% waterproof so perfect for bath time pleasure and easy cleaning too.

The power buttons on Ava flashed on and off whilst it was charging and then stayed on when fully charged.

Eager to get try this gorgeous sex toy, I had a play around with the vibration speeds and pulsation patterns which are controlled by 2 buttons on the base of the product. The bottom button turns it on and off whilst the other button cycles through the 3 speeds and 7 pulse patterns. It is always great to feel really deep rumbling vibrations when you turn a sex toy on and Ava was no exception.

Waiting until I had the house to myself, I slipped my knickers off, got comfy on the bed and popped a little of my favourite oil based lube onto my vulva and the shaft of the sex toy.

I always like to get a feel for the vibrations and pulse patterns before using a sex toy internally so I gently massaged Ava over my clitoris and vulva, enjoying the deep penetrating vibrations running through this sensitive area.

Not wishing to orgasm before I had even used Ava internally I gently slipped the head inside my vagina, revelling in the shape that perfectly fitted inside me and the gorgeous sense of fullness that it created.

I pushed Ava deeper inside me until the ear touched my clitoris which was such a pleasurable sensation, combined with the delicious vibrations inside me. The deep rumbling vibrations coursed right through to my bottom, a sensation I love.

Being brave I increased the vibrations to the 2nd speed and then the top speed which was all just too much for my body. I cycled through the pulse patterns, finding one that began really slowly then revved up and then back down.

Enjoying this pulse pattern for a while, I cycled through the settings and settled on the 2nd speed. I found that I didn’t need to move Ava or position the ear in any way as it fitted to the shape of my body. Using the smallest of movements to gently caress my clitoris and G-spot simultaneously I soon found a gorgeous orgasm bubbling inside me which exploded into a blended orgasm, such pleasurable sensations coursed through my vagina and clitoris, leaving me breathless.

Pressing the off button, I slowly slipped Ava out of my still pulsating vagina which, with my clitoris, felt pleasantly swollen.

My Thoughts about Ava

As mentioned above, I have not always got on with Rabbit sex toys due to the inflexibility of the shaft , ear or both so it’s no surprise that I love this sex toy so much because it is completely flexible.

I love the thumb shape of the ear, which flexes and stays on your clitoris whilst the shaft is designed to offer a feeling of fullness which feels pleasurable due to the slight give in the silicone and incredible flexibility .

It was so easy and comfortable to use, not having to fiddle with getting it in the right position, something you often find with more rigid products was a bonus and the powerful dual motors sent sexual sensations right through my clitoris and vagina to my bottom which felt amazing.

Finally a Rabbit vibrator I do not have to fiddle with, that fits me perfectly, is incredibly flexible, so powerful and really quiet, what more could I want!


  • Silky smooth, incredibly flexible silicone.
  • Deep, rumbling vibrations in both the shaft and the ear
  • Easy to use 2 button control, one for on and off, one for speeds and pulse patterns
  • The cleverly shaped head is perfect for targeting the G-spot and creating a feeling of fullness
  • The completely flexible thumb shaped ear fits to any body shape, no sticking into your clitoris or slipping off.
  • Ava is USB rechargeable with a self sealing port making it perfect for use in the bath or shower and easy to clean.


  • You have to cycle through the speeds and pulse patterns as there is no up and down function but really not an issue when you find a speed and pulse pattern that works for you.
  • The button became rather slippery with the oil based lubricant but again not really a problem once I settled on the speed I found pleasurable.