LELO Iris: A Review

LELO Iris: A Review

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The Iris is LELO’s largest vibrator. It’s about the size and width of a cucumber (9” long, 4.5” thick) and comes beautifully packaged in a black box with a satin case, user manual, charger and one-year warranty. It is made from phthalate-free silicone; as standard with all of LELO toys and is available in three colours: pale pink, deep rose and powder blue. The tip is rounded for use on the clitoris and labia and the base is tapered with sculptured ridges, which you can feel when you use it internally.

It has two motors – one at the base of the toy and one at the crown, which gives it an edge as you can use them simultaneously to increase the vibration. All LELO toys have a dial interface, which is intuitive and easy to use. There are + and – keys to increase and lessen the vibration to the level you desire. Scroll the <> keys on the top and bottom of the dial to activate different massage settings. There are five pleasure points, which simulate various massage strokes from a gentle flutter to an intense pulsation:

  • Mode 1 is a continual vibration on the tip of the stem (this feels fabulous on the clitoris or labia)
  • Mode 2 is the same but activates the base motor as well.
  • Mode 3 is short pulses à la thrusting cock.
  • Mode 4 is a strong extended pulsation (I love this. It feels like a rotating cock; almost as good as the real thing).
  • Mode 5 is a continuous vibration, which will give you a lovely orgasm.

It’s a quiet piece of kit even on the highest setting (much quieter than my old jelly Rabbit, which was an embarrassment and sounded like roadworks). I also like that it’s made from body safe materials and rechargeable. No need to scrabble around for AA batteries as it is fitted with a Li-Ion battery, which you simply charge up and away you go. A two-hour charge will give you around four hours of pleasure.

I like this vibrator a lot but it does have a few negatives. Firstly, it’s quite expensive but then you are paying more for a quality product that won’t leach chemicals, is rechargeable and will last for a long time. I have a few LELO toys and they are all performing well so I can’t quibble about the price tag. I dread to think how much I spent on AA batteries juicing up my old Rabbit before it died. I should have invested in Duracell.

After using a rechargeable toy I’d never go back to batteries. They are expensive, inconvenient and not at all eco-friendly.

Secondly, it’s rather big. My first thought was ‘will that fit?’ but after playing with it for a while, I needn’t have worried. It is tapered so fits snugly inside the vagina (you can insert up to five inches but there’s no need to as the first few inches of the vagina are the most sensitive). The silicone base is smooth and it seems to slide inside without too much trouble.

If you are a little dry down there use it with an organic water-based lubricant such as Yes but apply it to your vagina rather than the toy otherwise your hand will slip when you activate the dial. Avoid using silicone lubricants with this toy as they will rot the tip over time and make it feel tacky.

Thirdly, the dial is intuitive and easy to use but I think the buttons are quite small and close-set so it’s easy to bump it onto another setting without meaning to (i.e. under the covers when your hands are all lubed up). However, this is a small niggle in what is otherwise an excellent product. When it happens I just turn it off in the middle and start again (this is a great way to bring on an orgasm by the way, as sometimes the clitoris can become desensitised when you are using the toy on its highest setting).

It’s not waterproof so you can’t play with it in the bath but it is splashproof so once you’ve secured the plastic flap you can wash it under the tap with some antibacterial soap. It’s easy to clean and you can lock it by pressing and holding the dial for a few seconds.

The Iris is designed for internal and external use but I tend to use it mostly for clitoral stimulation because it works so well. The dual motor delivers a strong vibration, which means you can use the tip on the clitoris for a precise sensation or press the base snug to the labia for a more diffuse one (great for tea breaks at your desk – try it). I prefer to use the Gigi (LELO’s mid-sized g-spot vibrator) internally because it has a flat tip to stimulate the g-spot area.

To give your partner a little treat try using them on him during sex, and along the base of his cock during oral sex while you focus your tongue on the head. I was thinking it would be fab if LELO added a pair of ears to the Iris to make it into a high tech Rabbit that I could use it internally and externally. I’m pleased to see they’ve addressed my concerns with their latest toy – the Ina – so more on that later.


The Iris is a powerful dual motor vibrator designed for internal and external use. It is LELO’s largest toy but still feminine and pretty, tapered to fit snugly inside the vagina. It has petal ridges on the base to add extra sensation when used internally. It is made from body-safe medical grade silicone, which heats up to match the body’s temperature and it can feel a little cold initially so warm up your hands first. I think it’s a great toy to ride and it never fails to give me a good orgasm. LELO make beautiful, functional sex toys that are a pleasure to play with.


  • Finish: matt
  • Size: 220 × 42 × 36mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Battery: Li-Ion 920mAh 3.7v
  • Charging: 2 hours at 5.0v 500mA
  • User time: up to four hours
  • Standby: up to 90 days
  • Frequency: 120HZ
  • Max noise level: <50dB
  • Interface: variable interface dial, 5 modes, 2 motors.

LELO Iris is available here

Written By : Nicci Talbot