PicoBong Zizo Review

PicoBong Zizo Review

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PicoBong is from LELO – purveyors of luxury rechargeable vibes and it’s their fastest growing brand so I was intrigued to check them out. Aimed at a younger market, there are six mini-vibes in the range, which come in four colours. I chose a hot pink Zizo Innie Vibe, which is a classic dildo shaped vibe designed for internal use.

“Life is a beach. Get Wet” is the brand slogan and the toy comes with a surf-inspired PicoBong tag, which you can attach to the end or throw away…

It’s the first battery-operated vibe I’ve used in a while – most are rechargeable via USB so I had to pop out and buy some AAA batteries (M&S rechargeable or regular old bullets is the question?) I went for old style, as I don’t have a recharging plug that fits AAA batteries and am not likely to use them for anything else. Using rechargeable batteries would keep the cost down but they may not fire it up to the same intensity – further experimentation required…

Zizo is very simple to use – unscrew the lid, pop in two batteries and off you go. The on/off buttons are slightly raised on the side of the toy so once you know where they are you can feel them without having to look at the toy. + powers it up, – winds it down and ‘M’ (mode) in the middle enables you to switch between 12 vibrating patterns.

For a battery-operated toy it’s fairly sophisticated in terms of pulse patterns and range. I’m not likely to use all 12 modes but it’s fun to scroll through them and see what’s on offer. It starts with a strong level vibration and moves to pulsing, rocking combinations, jolting motions – Bumper Cars anyone? My favourite is the Roller Coaster, which is a looong, fast reverse pulse motion so it takes you up there and then whoosh, off you go. Rather like a nice orgasm…

The only downside with the modes function is that you can’t scroll back – there’s no memory as such so you have to go through the modes again or turn the toy off/on to start from the beginning to find the one you want.

I used the Zizo externally to begin with – curved soft silicone and strong vibrations on continuous pulse is nice for clitoral massage. It’s also a cheeky little toy for anal massage as it sits snug between the cheeks. Add a small amount of water-based lube and it’s a nice size to use internally (6” length and 4.15” girth-o-meter…) you won’t need much lubricant either given the soft silicone.

It’s pretty quiet – you can’t hear much on the lower speeds and on the top speed it won’t have you reaching for the duvet. Fresh batteries will give you two hours of play.

It’s also waterproof to 1 metre, which was a nice surprise given the battery function. Just make sure the lid is tightly screwed on before you use it in the bath or shower.

Overall, this is a good quality toy from a nice range of mini-vibes that are well made, mid-priced products. It’s super light so travel friendly and would make an ideal first time gift for a friend or partner.

Picobong Zizo is our most popular sex toy at Jo Divine, ideal for first time vibrator users and those experiencing vaginal tiightness as a result of ageing , medical or surgical treatment or post op scarring. It features in our health brochure and many healthcare professionals recommend it to their patients to help them enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure.

PicoBong Zizo is available here.