Rocks Off Rapture Review

Rocks Off Rapture Review

Having tried the Rocks Off Jira which I loved, I was excited to try the new Rocks Off Rapture vibrator, which is the same girthy size as the Jira but has a smooth shape, rather than the Jira’s twisted shape.

Getting Rapture out of the box, I was taken by just how smooth it fell under my hand: I couldn’t stop caressing it! I had a play with the one button control, and found that as with the Jira, the vibrations start at the highest level. This is unusual for the majority of vibrators and I’m not sure why it has been designed in this way.


Pressing the button reduces the vibration speed, of which it has 3. Continued pressing allows you to cycle through the 7 pulsation patterns, so it offers 10 speed/pulsations modes, allowing you to find one suitable for your needs.

Having got myself comfortable on the bed, nestled against the pillows, I lubed up my clitoral area with YES oil based lubricant. I used YES water based with the Jira and found I had to switch to the oil based to make it feel comfortable, so this time I didn’t take any chances. I love YES oil based on my clitoris as it feels so luxurious.

I also lubed up my Rapture to ensure for a smooth insertion. Gently massaging the Rapture over my clitoris felt amazing and almost too much to bear; I had to stop to avoid having an orgasm too quickly! I slowly pushed the tapered end of the Rapture inside my vagina, taking it slowly as this is one girthy product. I kept the vibration on the lowest level to begin with, as the higher speeds nearly made me come clitorally!

I’m a woman who like bigger products but the Rapture felt very large, even for me. I managed to insert it all the way into my vagina and slowly moved it in and out but only using very small movements, as I did with the Jira. This is not a toy you are going to be thrusting in and out vigorously! However, even the tiniest of movements sent waves of vibrations shooting through my vagina.

I felt brave so increased the speed, but you have to cycle through the pulsation patterns to get to the next speed. I don’t tend to do pulse patterns as I prefer a long continuous vibration rather than pulsation patterns. I find them annoying!

It didn’t take long to get to the next speed, just below the highest level, which I have to say is strong. I was barely moving the Rapture but it felt so good.

I’m not sure if my head was in the right place as I struggled to have a G-Spot orgasm so decided to take the Rapture out and play it over my clitoris, which produced an extremely strong orgasm very quickly, leaving my slightly shocked clitoris throbbing!

The Rapture is a mighty vibrator and next time I’m sure I’ll enjoy a G-Spot orgasm as it was certainly reaching my G-Spot.

What I liked about the Rapture

  • Really girthy so if you like bigger toys, this is ideal.
  • Really strong vibrations.
  • Super smooth silicone which felt fabulous on my clitoris and inside my vagina.
  • The smooth shape, which is often hard to find as many sex toys are textured or moulded.
  • Excellent value for money as a high quality, rechargeable sex toy at £59.99 (at time of review).

Quirks of the Rapture you can get used to

  • As with the Jira, the speeds are back to front, coming on high first and I’m at a loss to know why but once you get to know your Rapture you get used to this quirk.
  • You need plenty of lubrication and go slowly.
  • The control button can get slippery with lubricant, making a bit difficult to turn off exactly when you need to.

Product information:

The Rapture has a total length of 7”/17.5cm and a maximum circumference of 5.5”/14cm.

As with any silicone sex toy, Rapture is only suitable for use with water-based or oil-based lubricants. Do NOT use silicone-based lubricants with this product.

Rapture is rechargeable and is provided with a USB charging cable, for use with a computer or a USB mains adapter.