Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Review

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Review

As a huge fan of the Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator I didn’t believe that the amazing people at Satisfyer could create an even better sex toy but they have!

They have combined the sensational sound wave clitoral stimulation of the Satisfyer with a cleverly shaped vibrator designed for G-spot pleasure.

What does the Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit look like?

Arriving in a sturdy box, which is discrete, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit was packed in a plastic container with its USB charging cable.

On opening the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit I found that the clitoral arm was inflexible but the shaft of the vibrator was very flexible. Made from skin safe silicone which feels really smooth, it felt quite light considering it is a fairly large product.

The main difference between this sex toy and the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that the nozzle on the clitoral arm is not detachable but part of the whole product. However, this isn’t a problem as it is waterproof, making it easy to clean, which is always a plus as lube and vaginal secretions can get stuck in nooks and crannies of many other sex toys.

How long should I charge it for?

To charge, you can either plug it into your computer or use a mains charger, I left it doing its thing. The first time you charge it it is advisable to leave it charging for 8 hours, subsequent charging time is around 3 hours but this depends on how often and how long you are using the product for. A single 150 minute charge is supposed to get you 30 minutes playtime so plenty of time to enjoy an orgasm.

The charging cable is magnetic so you connect it to the magnetic metal contacts on the toy. The LED light blinks whilst it’s charging, then stays lit when fully charged. The magnets may disconnect so ensure it is lying flat on a surface so they stay intact. I’ve learnt this through experience with other sex toys that are charged with a magnetic cable.

How does it work?

Once fully charged I had a play around with the controls to get a feel for the Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit.
Like many rabbit vibrators the arm and the shaft can be independently controlled, so you can enjoy the sound wave stimulation through the clitoral arm whilst vibrations run through the shaft which also vibrate around the clitoral head of the arm too.

You press the button with 4 waves in the inner white part of the control area for around 2 seconds to turn on the clitoral stimulator and increase/decrease the sound wave stimulation by pressing the button.There are 11 levels if intensity to choose from.

The shaft of the vibrator is controlled by the individual wave symbol on the outer button area. Pressing the button you can increase the vibrations and change the pulsations patterns.

Trying out my new toy

I was initially unsure if it would work for me as I have sometimes struggled due to the inflexibility and shape of their ears/clitoral arm which offer clitoral stimulation, but eager to try out my new sex toy, I waited until all the children had left for school, then went back to bed!

Using a little of my favourite lube, YES organic oil based lube on my clitoris and on the shaft of the vibrator I lay back against the pillows and slipped the vibrator inside me. I turned on the clitoral stimulator first just to warm up. It took a short while to get it in exactly the right place. As with any Satisfyer product you need to have the clitoral head right over your clitoris. You know when it is in the right place because the toy becomes quieter.

It felt exactly the same as my Satisfyer Pro 2 but even more pleasurable because the vibrator shaft gave me a feeling of fullness inside my vagina. I had to hold myself back from orgasming with the clitoral stimulator before I had had chance to turn on the vibrator!

The vibrator is quite strong even on the lowest setting but I like the idea that the control button was located at the end of the handle, it felt really easy to use.

Using both the clitoral stimulator and the vibrator was a powerful sensation which took a little getting used to. Initially I didn’t have it deep enough inside me but once I found the right position I could even use it hands free, always an added bonus with any sex toy!

The shape of the shaft is ideal for G-spot stimulation, something I was really aware of. My G-spot or what I think is my G-spot is located to the upper left side of my vagina so I was able to position the vibrator exactly where I need it.

I’m not sure if it is a hang up from using other rabbit vibrators where you have to fiddle with the ear to get it in the right place and even hold them down to get the right clitoral stimulation but I found myself holding down the clitoral arm even though it stayed in place and didn’t move!

I could feel my vagina twitching around the shaft of the vibrator as my clitoris was being stimulated which felt amazing. I played around with the pulsation patterns and although not a huge fan of intermittent pulsations there are a lovely one which revved up and down very slowly, creating delicious waves of pleasure through my vagina.

I didn’t increase the clitoral stimulation beyond level 4 as it felt just enough, any more would have been too much. I’ve never got beyond level 5 with my Satisfyer Pro 2.

My vagina continued to twitch and my thighs joined in too making me squirm on the bed as it felt so good.
It didn’t take long for me to have a gorgeous orgasm which seemed to pulsate through me for ages. It was hard to discern if it was a blended orgasm as the clitoral stimulator of the toy is really strong but whether it was just clitoral or blended, it felt amazing.

Unlike many sex toys I didn’t feel the need to remove it quickly after having an orgasm, something I frequently do, I just left it in place for a few moments , then gently slipped it out.

I tried out my toy several times over the next few days and discovered that I could enjoy blended orgasms, both clitorally and vaginally which left me breathless every time!

Do I like the Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit?

I have to say Satisfyer have combined the excellence of the Satisfyer Pro 2 with a very pleasurable vibrator, perfectly shaped for G-spot stimulation.

I was initially concerned that because the clitoral arm wasn’t flexible I would struggle to get it in the right place but because the shaft is so flexible, this isn’t an issue.

The dual stimulation of this sex toy is great for creating blended orgasms and also offers you clitoral orgasms through sound wave stimulation and G-spot orgasms through vibrations so the best of both worlds!


  • Unique rabbit sex toy like no other I’ve tried
  • Really different sexual sensation from using a rabbit vibrator that just vibrates
  • Easy to clean as it’s waterproof- I used a q-tip to dry inside the clitoral head just to make sure it was completely dry.
  • Skin safe
  • Rechargeable- as with my Satisfyer Pro 2 I don’t think I’ll have to recharge it much as I am sticking to the lowest pulsations and vibrations levels at the moment!
  • You can use it hands – free as it stays in place!
  • You have the choice of clitoral stimulation through sound waves or vaginal stimulation through vibrations


  • It is a little (not very) noisy until you get the right seal – but once you have it in the right place it becomes quieter.
  • It is a bit fiddly to get it in the right position to begin with but not a problem once you find it.