We-Vibe Touch Review

We-Vibe Touch Review

The We-Vibe Touch is a really cute clitoral stimulator that I’ve been intrigued by and hand my eye on for a while, so I was really pleased when I got the chance to use one. I’m a big fan of We-Vibe’s vibrations – the only way I can describe them really is that they’re yummy. They hit the spot in the way that a delicious meal staves off hunger.

Even though I’ve seen many images of the Touch online and in the Jo Divine brochure, along with the measurements, I was actually quite surprised at how dinky this toy was. I love the shape of it: the handle is really ergonomic, which is a plus for me as sometimes I’m prone to achy wrists. The tip of the Touch has been designed really thoughtfully, it almost resembles a little spoon to cup your clitoris and has a graduated tip for more pin-point stimulation.

It comes with a satin storage bag and a USB charging cable, which is rather handy. You can charge it in a computer, laptop or an adapter for the wall socket.

Although most rechargeable products tell you to charge a product for at least 8 hours, I always charge mine overnight just in case. I’ve had toys give up on me at precisely the wrong moment in the past so I always like to be prepared!

I positioned my Touch on my clitoris so that the tapered end was facing downwards, and even before I turned it on I really liked the feel of the slight ridge of the spoony design against the top of my clitoris.

When I did switch it on, I got rather excited by those rumbly We-Vibe vibrations. Even on the lower settings I really enjoyed joy the shape of the Touch covered my clitoris completely. Although I enjoy using bullet vibrators, or even the tip of some internal toys, I find that having to twirl the product around to find that special spot is when my wrist starts to hurt.

I did move the Touch a little, but to be honest once I started clicking through to the pulse patterns I didn’t move it all that much. My favourite setting goes from a lower frequency all the way to the highest – imagine a roller coaster, only when you get to the top you fall into an oblivion of orgasmic pleasure. What I love about this setting as well is that it allows me to really feel my orgasm building, whereas with the classic vibrations I orgasm quite quickly.

I knew that as it is a We-Vibe product I wouldn’t take that long to orgasm, my clitoris adores rumbling vibrations, and every time I’ve used the Touch I’ve experienced a really intense orgasm that have made the backs of my thighs tense with pleasure.

Even once I’ve switched off the Touch post-orgasm, because it feels so darn nice against my body I’ve managed to orgasm again just by rubbing it against my already tingling clitoris. Obviously I can’t guarantee that will be a result for everyone as we’re all different, but this is something that I’ve only experienced with a few toys in the past.

Thanks to its ergonomic design the Touch would be ideal for couple’s play if you needed some added clitoral stimulation. I’ve never considered it before, but I can imagine that because of its shape the Touch would feel glorious against the perineum and the testicles.

For me, the We-Vibe Touch is a new go-to toy that I can depend on for a fix and hits the spot every time.