Culinary Treats

Culinary Treats

I love baking and Autumn seems like the perfect time for it, not just because the apples fall from my tree and I have to do something with them. Pie, crumble, biscuits, cakes… I’ve tried them all and my family always seem to enjoy the consequences. Well, apart from one time when I don’t think I followed the recipe quite right and a dozen perfect apple flavoured door stops came out of the oven!

I don’t often have the time to spend in the kitchen doing pleasurable things. Day to day meal preparation is a chore with a deadline and it certainly isn’t fun. I love it when I have time to get into the kitchen and cook things at my own pace, for no other reason than I want to. It’s very therapeutic, I’ve baked many a loaf and kneaded out the day’s frustrations.

The kitchen can be quite a sexy place too: when Mr Divine and I were just married, I remember one night cooking dinner in nothing but my apron. Funnily enough, we didn’t eat the meal straight away and it was rather cold by the time we got to it. I haven’t tried that in a long while, having kids around puts paid to that kind of impulsive behaviour.

However, the weekends often see both teens off enjoying themselves with their mates, giving me time to fully enjoy the kitchen. Mr Divine is very inventive and has surprised me with many kitchen utensils. I tell you what, you don’t want to be spanked with one of those wooden spatulas with the three rectangles cut out of them – they really sting when they hit buttocks. Of course, if you like that kind of thing, go for it. I prefer the big, wide plastic one we have which is perfect for flipping pancakes and warming up my bum when I’ve been naughty.

It’s not just utensils, the kitchen furniture is seriously fun too. We have this huge, sturdy wooden table in our kitchen and it is just the right height for laying back and taking what comes to me. The kitchen cabinets are at a good height too for bending over or being sat upon.

Then of course there’s the food! Melted chocolate, whipped cream, juicy fruits… they’ve all been smeared across my chest at one point or another. Ice is fun too, I’ve already told you about the Icicle glass dildo I have and how good it feels straight from the fridge… actual ice cubes are fun to play with too.

I also had great fun playing Hoopla with Mr Divine and a packet of ring doughnuts once… it’s just a case of going wherever your imagination might take you. I do enjoy the conventional location for love making, sometimes you can’t beat a soft mattress and pillows, but I have to admit that the kitchen is by far my preferred alternative location for sexy goings on. Not least because when you’ve worn yourself out and worked up an appetite, you can pick up a post-sex snack almost instantly.