Using glass sex toys for sensory play

Using glass sex toys for sensory play

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Glass sex toys are truly exquisite products. Elegantly designed with the body in mind, some glass dildos in particular wouldn’t look out of place on your mantlepiece! For example, with its unusual sea creature like shape, the Icicles No.24 is a truly beautiful product to look at and use.

As well as being mindfully designed, glass sex toys can be used in many different ways to enhance your sexual experience.

Is glass really safe to use?

The Icicles range from Pipedream is made from medical grade borosilicate glass, which is the same non-toxic material used by Pyrex. This material can withstand extreme temperatures and physical shock, so essentially if the toy is stored and looked after correctly, a glass sex toy is a product for life.

Some people are a little apprehensive about using glass sex toys as they are concerned that it might break in use, however an Icicles is only likely to get damaged if dropped from a substantial height onto a hard surface.

While glass has a firm structure, you’re not likely to hurt yourself unless you’re thrusting incredibly vigorously in use. When using glass anal plugs, be careful upon insertion and take things slowly. The Icicles No.13 plug is great for beginners as it has a cleverly tapered tip to help with easy insertion. For both vaginal and anal toys, using a good amount of lubricant to help make inserting the product feel much nicer.

How can I make the most out of a glass sex toy?

Unlike silicone, glass is not flexible, and some people may assume that this means glass sex toys offer a limited range of sensations, however that is not the case.

As borosilicate glass can withstand temperature changes, glass sex toys are great for experimenting with for sensory play. The sensations of warm glass internally can feel incredible, and using a cool glass dildo externally for massage can get the skin tingling in a highly sensual way.

It may seem like common sense, but make sure you don’t use a glass dildo when it’s too hot or too cold as this could cause harm. The idea of sensory play is to find something new and exciting that will enhance your sexual pleasure, not hurt yourself.

If you want to turn up the heat, you can leave your glass toy in a bowl of warm water, or you could even take it in the bath with you for a truly indulgent afternoon! To cool things down, you could place your glass toy in the fridge, as long as it is done so hygienically, or alternatively use a bowl of cold water.

What’s also great about glass toys is that they are compatible with all types of lubricant so you can use your lube of choice without damaging the surface of the product. This is great if you love silicone based lubricant, which is not compatible with silicone sex toys for that reason.

While glass sex toys are intended for internal massage of the G-Spot and P-Spot, they do make for wonderful external massagers too. If you were suffering from back or shoulder pain, heating a glass dildo and then massaging it over the affected area can help to alleviate any aches or pains. Opt for one that has a slightly rounded or bulbous tip, such as the Icicles No.8, and use the shaft as a handle for comfortable use.

As the Icicles range consists of non-vibrating products, you may wish to incorporate a bullet vibrator into your sex play. 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, and so while internal massage of the G-Spot and A-Spot can feel amazing, this isn’t always enough for a woman to be able to climax.

Icicles such as Icicle No 48 and Icicle No 14 are great for anal pleasure, great for temperature play in this highly sensitive part of the body.

You can also incorporate a glass sex toy into foreplay and sex play with a partner to spice things up. Wearing a glass anal plug during sex, for example, adds a sensation of fullness that many people find to be highly arousing.


Some glass dildos, such as the Icicle No 29 have a flared base. This makes them harness compatible and also suitable for anal play as well as vaginal use. It’s incredibly important to clean a product thoroughly in between usage if you are using the toy interchangeably for vaginal and anal play, as this will prevent bacteria from spreading.

For extra protection, you may wish to use a condom on the product if you are experimenting with anal play as a precaution.

Glass sex toys can be washed in a dishwasher, sterilised in boiling water, or you can always use antibacterial toy cleaners. To store your glass sex toys, you can keep them in a satin storage bag, or if space allows the box it came in.