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Unlike vibrators, dildos don't buzz.

Many people enjoy the sensation of penetration with a metal, glass or silicone dildo. All dildos warm up naturally when in contact with the skin, but they can be gently cooled in the fridge or heated up in warm water for temperature play. Dildos are a great addition when used during oral sex. Some of our silicone dildos are suitable for use with a harness too.

All our dildos are manufactured from skin safe materials, making them hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

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Icicles No 43 Pink Heart Glass Dildo
  • £44.99
Icicles No 29 Textured Swirl Blue Glass Dildo
  • £49.99
Icicles No 25 Fat Clear Glass Dildo Butt Plug
  • £44.99
Icicles No 24 Pink Tentacle Glass Dildo
  • £44.99
Icicles No 13 P-spot Glass Plug
  • £42.99
Icicles No 8 Blue Wave Glass Dildo
  • £39.99
Icicles No 7 Pink Bumps Glass Dildo
  • £29.99

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Icicles No 6 Pink Bumps Glass Dildo
  • £29.99
Fun Factory Magnum
  • £47.99
Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo
  • £69.99