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All About Massage

Body massagers are specially designed to softly caress, stimulate and massage the skin. The pulses are strong enough to give a deep muscle massage and the vibrations offer a sensual, more intimate massage during foreplay or for solo pleasure.

Our skin safe body massagers are specifically designed to massage muscles all over the body, helping to ease the aches and pains of muscle tension in addition to offering intense sexual stimulation to the clitoris. Many offer incredibly powerful vibrations, ideal for those who experience decreased sexual sensation leaving them struggling to orgasm or for those with limited manual dexterity as many have longer handles making them easy to hold and use.

Offering incredibly powerful deep vibrations you can enjoy a hassle-free muscle massage without the help of another person - they are incredibly easy to use alone but can also be fun to use with a partner.

Body massagers really are the definition of multi purpose, keeping your whole body happy and pain free.

£89.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Doxy Massager

The Doxy Massager is the most powerful mains operated wand massager in the world.

Doxy Die Cast Massager

The Doxy Die Cast Massager from Doxy is a sleek upgrade with a medical grade silicone head.

£97.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Jil Sasha

Sasha is a celeverly designed flexible massage wand which can also be used as an internal vibrator.

£127.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Doxy Number 3

The amazing power of the Doxy Massager and the looks of the Die Cast have been combined to create the Doxy 3.

Mjuze Wanderfull Wand

Mjuze Wanderfull rechargeable massage wand is a dual ended massage wand suitable for both massage and internal play.

CalExotics Inspire Vibrating Breast Massager

The Inspire Breast Massager is a body forming breast massager which sits comfortably inside most bras to stimulate the breasts which may relieve soreness and pain.