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njoy Pure Wand Metal Dildo

Product Description

njoy toys look like they've just escaped the Tate Modern, as they combine stunning good looks and presentation - and yet deliver perfect stimulation.

Designed to hit the female G-spot or provide prostate massage to the male, this toy weighs in at 24 ounces (780g) - twice the weight of the Fun Wand.

The simple design is combined with a perfect curvature so that it can reach the G-spot without effort. There is a ball at each end - one is 1", the other 1.5".

The toy is 10" long, along the curve, so it is long enough for you to lie back and pleasure yourself, or let your partner take control.

This toy goes perfectly with oral sex - or for an extra treat why not try it in combination with one of our clitoral simulators.

It can be kept clean by sterilising in 10% bleach or boiling for 10 minutes. Never transfer a toy that has been used anally back into the vagina without sterilising.

£119.99 incl. UK P&P

njoy Pure Wand
njoy Pure Wand