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Tenga Twister Egg

Product Description

The Tenga Twsiter Egg Male Masturbator is a revolution in sleeves, which will help you achieve a mind blowing orgasm every single time you use it!

Created by Japanese firm Tenga, who are renowned for making revolutionary male mastubator toys, the Twister Egg is perfect for solo play, but can also be used with a partner too.

The Tenga Twister Egg comes in a plastic egg shell casing, which you can put the egg back in once it is clean, and also comes with some Tenga lube so you can use it straight away.

To use the Tenga Twister Egg, you simply remove the casing, and slide the silicone sleeve over your shaft. The vertical lines that swirl from top to bottom will increase your pleasure tenfold, especially when used with lubrication.

The Tenga Eggs may look small, however they actually stretch to just over 12" and can accommodate up to 8" inside them, meaning that almost everyone will be able to use these incredible male masturbators.

Although the Tenga Eggs are mainly designed for one use, with careful cleaning and drying you should be able to use your male masturbator sleeve more than once.


TENGA Twister Egg Male Masturbator
TENGA Twister Egg Male Masturbator