Fun Factory Stronic G
Fun Factory Stronic G
Fun Factory Stronic G
Fun Factory Stronic G
Fun Factory Stronic G - Grape

Fun Factory Stronic G

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The Stronic G is part of the new line of Slim Stronic pulsators and gives your G-spot the rhythmic massage it craves, hands-free.

With all the thrusting, pulsing action that’s made our STRONIC line a massive hit in a sleeker, slimmer design, the STRONIC G lets you expand your orgasms without lifting a finger.

IMPORTANT: Stronic G does not vibrate, it thrusts, so don't buy if you want a toy that vibrates!

The G-spot is a textured section of erectile tissue located on the front wall of the vagina (toward the belly, not toward the back), that, when stimulated, can feel amazing, lead to deeper, fuller orgasms, and might even make you squirt! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to access, especially since it tends to respond better to firm pressure than to lighter, more teasing strokes. Trying to reach your own G-spot with your fingers can feel like twisting yourself into a pretzel, and massaging it can feel like a wrist cramp waiting to happen! Even angling your favorite vibrator or dildo into the right place can leave you in an awkward pose.

Fun Factory created the STRONIC G with a serious curve and a firm tip that rests effortlessly against your G-spot, so you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy.

Part of the new slimmer Stronic range, the smaller size if great to use solo or with a partner.

It has a lock function for easy travel and an intuitive button interface with charge indicator lights. Like all Fun Factory products it is non-porous and hypoallergenic. Two hours of play on one charge and it is waterproof.

Ride The Rhythm

The G-spot responds to pressure and repetitive motion. (Basically, your G-spot loves a massage as much as you do.) Finding the right rhythm can mean the difference between a fun session and the kind of world-expanding orgasm that makes you forget your name for a second. Luckily, the STRONIC G offers seven speeds and three different rhythm settings, from a steady thrust to a wild beat. Find the one that works best for you and ride it all the way.

The STRONIC G thrusts back and forth on its own, leaving you free to focus on other things. Use your favorite vibrator on your clitoris or make out with your partner. Try a variety of different positions and turn the pages of your new erotica anthology.

Insertable length : 15.5cm/6.1 inches  circumference : 10.6-13cm/4.1-5.1 inches

Stronic G is rechargeable and is provided with a USB charging cable, for use with a computer or a USB mains adapter. A USB mains adapter will be automatically added to your basket - you can remove it if you do not require it.