Mystim Self-Adhesive Electrodes 4 pack

Mystim Self-Adhesive Electrodes 4 pack

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Mystim Self Adhesive Electrodes are an alternative way to deliver electro stimulation to the muscle cells of the penis. They can be attached to either side of teh shaft of the penis and then conencted to the Cluster Nuster. They can be used alternately with the Mystim Rodeo Robin to exercise the penis.

As these adhesive electrodes are reusable, it is important to follow these simple instructions for their use:

Connect the wire to the electrodes.

Remove the protective foil from teh electrodes and attach them to clean, dry and unirriated skin. Press them firmly in place to ensure the electrodes have continuos skin contact.

Connect the wir to the Cluster Buster.

Maintainance and storage:

Whe removng the electrode do not pull at the wire but gently lift the patch at one corner. Reattach the electrodes to the protect foil backing and store them in the reusable packaging in a cool place such as the fridge.

Adding a drop of water to the adhesive side prior to the next use will help it adhere to the skin.

When they no longer adhere to the skin, they should be disposed of.

Please stop usage immediately if you notice any skin arriration or allergic reation and seek medical advice.