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Vibrators For Men

All About Vibrators For Men

Offering a variety of sexual stimulation and sensation, from direct prostate stimulation to vibrations and pulsations, our range of top quality vibrators offer a vibratory treat to yourself or your partner. Perfect for solo pleasure or to use with a partner.

£94.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Fun Factory Manta

MANTA is a vibrator for men. Perfect fit for partner sex as well as solo play, it turns your penis into a vibrator.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

The Pulse Solo Essential is a vibrator for men that uses a vibration plate to stimulate the penis whether flaccid or erect.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre V2

The classic racing car-inspired Cobra Libre from Fun Factory has received an upgrade - the Cobra Version 2!

Rocks Off Hand Solo 7 Speed

Rocks Off Hand Solo gives a male masturbation experience like no other - a product sure to thrill you every time.

£39.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off O Boy

The Rocks Off O-Boy is great for beginners or enthusiasts of prostate play.

Rocks Off Butt Throb 7 Speed

For a completely fulfilling experience, look no further than the Rocks-Off Butt Throb. Powered by the famous Rocks-Off 80mm 7 speed bullet vibrator.

£49.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off Butt Boy

The Rocks Off Butt Boy combines powerful prostate massage with perineal stimulation for out of this world orgasms

Rocks Off Butt Quiver 7 Speed

Get perfectly-targeted prostate stimulation with the Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug.

SALE £34.99 - Save £15.00
Rocks Off Big Boy 7 Speed

The clue is in the name: Big Boy is a seriously large prostate massager recommended for those who prefer bigger toys.

£24.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off Torex

Rocks-Off Torex Prostate massager has gentle curves and a soft tip which are designed to target your P-spot, creating out of this world orgasms.

£104.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo

Pulse III Duo is a vibrator for men and women - and can be used together or alone!