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Classic Vibrators

All About Classic Vibrators

Our classic vibrators are designed for both vaginal and clitoral play. Made from skin safe materials, they offer a wide range of designs, flexibility, size, textures, vibration speeds and pulsation patterns.

Cleverly designed, our vibrators can deliver both vaginal and clitoral stimulation with pinpoint precision. Many have tapered heads making them perfect for clitoral stimulation or even around the head and along the shaft of the penis, whilst the powerful motor sends strong vibration along the shaft for intense vaginal pleasure. 

£128.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Fun Factory Sundaze

Fun Factory Sundaze is a thrusting, vibrating, pulsator marvel of a toy. Enjoy long drawn out plasure by yourself or with a partner!

£39.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off Chaiamo

Rocks Off Chaiamo has been exquisitely designed to drive you to the ultimate climax with precision sexual stimulation

£39.99   ✔ IN STOCK
PicoBong Zizo

PicoBong Zizo is a classically designed vibrator, with a simple subtle shape and built with a powerful motor and super smooth silicone.

SALE £14.99 - Save £10.00
Rocks Off Frosted Fleurs

A beautiful refresh of the classic RO-120. Frosted Fleurs shimmer and shine like frozen moonlight while delivering powerful vibration.

£24.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off Dalia

The Dalia from Rocks Off has a subtle curved tip shaped for G-Spot stimulation

CalExotics Eden Ripple

CalExotics Eden Ripple is a beautiful silicone G-Spot vibrator with an incredibly flexible curving shaft and G-spot shaped head.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator

Fun Factory Tiger vibrator has prominent ridging and a curved tip that is ready to intensely massage the G-spot.

£24.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off RO-160

A big bullet shaped vibrator, this powerful beauty from Rocks-Off makes a great beginner's toy.

Fun Factory Mr Boss

Fun Factory Mr Boss is a medium sized realistic vibrator with huge power.

Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Vibrator

Fun Factory Big Boss G5 vibrator is a long thick powerhouse of a toy, and will lead you to intense delicious orgasms.

£118.99   ✔ IN STOCK
LELO Liv v2

LELO Liv 2 is an upgraded version of one of LELO's bestselling vibrators. 100% waterproof and double the vibration power!

£74.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Je Joue Uma

The Uma from Je Joue is a gorgeous G-Spot vibrator with a subtle curve to stimulate your G-Spot in style

£148.99   ✔ IN STOCK
LELO Elise v2

LELO Elise Version 2 is a revamp of the classic vibrator with double the power, 8 modes and is now waterproof, so you can take the fun to the bathroom too!

£19.99   ✔ IN STOCK
Rocks Off RO-120

Ideal for beginners, the Rocks Off RO-120 offers deliciously powerful pleasure sensations

SALE £10.99 - Save £14.00
Rocks Off Little Cocky

The Little Cocky from Rocks Off is a best-selling innie and external vibrator that makes up for its small stature with pure power.

Rocks Off Slinky Pinky

Slinky Pinky is a powerful slim vibrator ideal for travel or for those who want a product with a smaller girth.

SALE £79.99 - Save £25.00
Mystim Sizzling Simon

Ridged for your pleasure, we introduce you to a big revolution in electrosex vibrators!

CalExotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover

The Marvelous Lover is a poseable dual ended product which can be used internally and externally.

£128.99   ✔ IN STOCK
LELO Mona v2

LELO Mona 2 is a G-spot vibrator with double the power of the old model and is now waterproof too.

£104.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Mystim Electric Eric

Electric Eric is part of the new Mystim range that combines electro-stimulation and vibration for the ultimate orgasmic delight!

£104.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Mystim Tickling Truman

Sleek, smooth and curved for your needs, Mystim brings you an innovation in electrosex vibrators!

£52.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Screaming O Moove

Moove is a rechargeable waterproof massager with a flexible bendable head. The round head can swirl, zigzag and stretch side to side.

£69.99   ✘ OUT OF STOCK
Screaming O Moove Remote

The Screaming O Moove Remote is a rechargeable waterproof massage, its flexible bendable head is perfect for precision stimulation of your clitoris, penis and nipples.

Rocks Off Jira

Rocks Off Jira is a powerful girthy vibrator made from super-smooth silicone. Incredibly powerful, this is toy that will please for years to come.

Rocks Off Rapture

The Rocks Off Rapture vibrator is a girthy, rechargeable classic vibrator with intense power.