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How To Have A Better Orgasm - Channel 5

How To Have A Better Orgasm - Channel 5 | Jo Divine

I’m really excited to share that I had my TV debut in “How To Have A Better Orgasm” on Channel 5 on Thursday 27th February at 10pm .

I was asked to take part in this fabulous programme with 6 other women of all ages by a wonderful all-female team at Knickerbockerglory TV where I talked about my lack of sex education, meeting my wonderful husband, our own sexual experience, having a sex life when you have three children (lack of privacy is a problem when they are teenagers), going through the menopause and continuing to enjoy sex. I like sex even though my body hasn’t always allowed me to enjoy it due to sexual health issues which caused vaginismus.

“We had an all female filming team who were fabulous and incredibly attentive prior to filming and on the day in ensuring I felt comfortable all the time especially as it was filmed in August on a really hot day, hence the very flushed face. They made it so easy to just sit and talk. We talked about sex education, body confidence, our first orgasm, different sexual experiences and I talked about my experience of vaginismus which was rather emotional and made me tearful. I’m so proud to have been asked to take part, they did an incredible job. I really hope we help more people enjoy better orgasms or even their first one”.

We have had such a positive response from the general public and from the numerous healthcare professionals, support groups, charities and women’s health groups we work with which has been lovely to hear. I have even met one of the participants by chance at a recent event and it was so great to chat with her.

For the last 10 years Jo Divine have been helping people enjoy better sexual intimacy and pleasure. We hear so many stories of how women struggle to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure including orgasms due to a lack of education and knowledge about their bodies, myths created within society about female pleasure, embarrassment and attitudes of healthcare professionals about sex, so we normalise sex to help people to enjoy better sexual function, intimacy and pleasure in whatever way they want to or are able to.

I am really proud of being part of this programme and hope by sharing my experience helps to educate and inform many people so they can enjoy better sex, intimacy, pleasure and orgasms.

I really hope you enjoy watching it too.

You can see the programme on your web browser by clicking here.

On mobile phones, download the My5 app and search for “How to have a better orgasm”.