Bathmate Arrives! - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Bathmate Arrives! - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

My parcel arrived from Jo Divine! The Bathmate X40 Hydromax is delivered in a rather large (yet discreet) box. It all looks very well constructed with pleasant packaging – there isn’t much in the box apart from an instruction leaflet and the X40 itself, of course.

The X40 consists of just two parts – the pump tube and the bellows at the bottom. Squeezing the bellows against the body causes the water to be expelled, and when you release your hold, the vacuum is created.

There is also a removable comfort pad insert which fits very snugly into the main tube. The girth of this inner tube is 21cm (8.25”), which will match the inner dimensions of the X40. Externally, the X40 is 22.5cm (8.8”) in girth – so there’s plenty of room in there!

The First Time: 28th June

Bathmate can be used in either a bath or a shower, but I thought it would be easier to try the product out for the first time in a bath. It is well worth having a read of the instructions prior to first use – do so before your hands are wet!

I ran a bath which was slightly under waist-deep, and as instructed, I let myself soak for five minutes. This is important as it loosens the skin of the penis and scrotum – if the scrotum is too tight you risk your testicles being sucked up into the unit too, which could be a little eye-watering!

After five minutes I ensured the Bathmate’s end-valve was in the closed position, submerged it and placed my rather reluctant, completely flaccid penis inside. I opened the valve and pushed the Bathmate towards my body, causing a squirt of water to expel from the end. Relaxing my hold slowly, I could feel my penis being sucked into the chamber – a rather odd sensation that I can describe as neither pleasant nor unpleasant. And to my surprise… I also had an immediate partial erection!

At this point I thought I’d better make sure I understood where the emergency exit was on this train, so I depressed the button on the end of the Bathmate which immediately releases the pressure in the unit.

Happy that I understood what to do, I repeated the previous steps and followed it up with a few more pumps until I felt that I had done enough. I had gained an erection – it would seem that this is just inevitable, as the laws of physics and the anatomy of the penis guarantees you will get an erection when you perform this process. But this wasn’t just any old erection. It felt massive! I could feel the foreskin stretching (which I can’t deny worried me for a few moments) but after a minute or so I got used to the feeling and let the rather strange water filled device settle in front of me.

While using the Bathmate, the girth of your penis looks ridiculously huge – I assume this is due to the distortion from the water. I let my penis have its own private swim for about 10 minutes before releasing the pressure to look at the results.

Immediately after releasing the pressure I lost the full erection, which is hardly surprising. My penis was very pink – again, not surprising as it had been engorged with blood and had been soaked in a warm bath for quite a period of time. Rather strangely, it looked younger. I can’t describe it any other way. The skin looked fresher, the shaft plumper and there was even a rather pleasing shine to the head of the penis. It also seemed very easy to get a good, strong erection!

I couldn’t resist doing a size check and was rather surprised to find I had gained a full 1cm (0.4”) in girth immediately after the session, an effect that stayed for a while but was gone by the following morning.

With regards to side-effects, I have nothing bad to report apart from an ache around the pubic bone – this is likely due to the pressure I applied pumping the product and/or the suction applied to the penis. It isn’t enough to disturb or worry me, however.