Week 11 - Things Get Xtreme - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Week 11 - Things Get Xtreme - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

I’m very excited to report that Bathmate have been having a look at my blog and have asked me to try out the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme.

The X40 Xtreme duly arrived in the post and I was surprised by the size of the parcel and how much was included. Not only do you get the X40 Xtreme pump, but it arrives in a very neat travel case – thoughtfully lockable with a supplied combination lock. Inside the case, they also supply a shower strap, cleaning and drying kit.

The biggest difference between the standard Hydromax and the Hydromax Xtreme is that the vacuum is created by either compressing the bellows (as with the standard Hydromax) or by attaching the hose and hand pump. The addition of the hand pump is what gives the Xtreme its incredible power.

Using the Xtreme seems fiddly at first, but with a little practice it is actually easier than the standard Hydromax. I found it easiest to attach the hand pump first, as this stops water from leaking out when you fill it in the shower. You should also lock the valve on the top of the Hydromax by turning it clockwise. If you want to use it in the standard Hydromax way, there is a switch valve on the top which you can lock when filling in the shower.

The power of the Xtreme is, quite frankly, incredible. The stronger suction is immediately apparent, and with a few squeezes of the hand pump I was at or beyond previous sizes that I had achieved with little effort. It is important to be careful – I had to stop using the pump after 10 minutes as I found the suction to be so much stronger.

I haven’t had a chance to use the Xtreme in the bath as yet, but it should be very interesting to do so.

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