Week 8 - Holiday Is Coming!

Week 8 - Holiday Is Coming!

I was on holiday for the second half of this week, but as I am intrigued to find out what effect a prolonged rest from the Bathmate has on the size gains I have made, I thought I’d better check out my size before I go away.

Quite frankly I was amazed, as the Hydromax appears to have added an extra centimetre to both my length and girth since I started using it. My erect penis length one day after using the Bathmate was 20cm (7.9”) and 17cm in girth (6.7”). I even measured an 18cm (7.1” girth) immediately after using the product.

These increases may not sound like much, but it indicates an increase in penis volume of nearly 20%.

I’m on holiday for 10 days, so it will be interesting to see what I measure when I return.