An Introduction to Battery-Powered Toys

An Introduction to Battery-Powered Toys

This article at looks at some of the most popular battery-powered toys available at Jo Divine: how they can be used and their respective battery specifications.

Why should I buy a battery-powered toy?

Battery-powered toys have incredibly long lifespans and are light, user-friendly sex toys. The main reason that you should buy a battery-powered toy is if you are forgetful – you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your toy and then run the risk of it being out of charge at a crucial moment! With battery-powered toys all you need to do is pop in the correct batteries and off you go.

Which toys are battery-powered?

Here is a hand-picked selection of Jo Divine’s most powerful and popular battery-powered toys. All are waterproof and made from skin-safe material of the highest quality. Have a read and decide which one is best for you!

PicoBong Zizo

“:Zizo”:product/picobong-zizo is one of our most popular vibrators with an amazing 12 pulse patterns that can all be used at a variety of power levels.

With a modern, stylish and minimalist look, the PicoBong Zizo has an incredibly quiet motor which still packs a punch and is easy to use. A great first time vibrator or for those looking for a sex toy, simplistic in design and function.

Rocks-Off Naughty Boy

The Rocks-Off O Boy 7 speed vibrator is powered by Rocks-Off’s award winning 80mm bullet vibrator, which is supplied with 1 x N battery. This bullet vibrator also has the added bonus of being able to be removed for thorough cleaning.

Rocks-Off O Boy is a revolutionary male vibrator, specifically designed to deliver incredible stimulation to both your prostate (the male P-Spot!) and your perineum. This silky soft battery-powered toy is perfect for beginners wanting to explore P-Spot pleasure.

Fun Factory Mr Boss

Mr Boss is a medium sized battery powered version of the Big Boss but keeps the prominent head, stimulating veins and powerful vibration of the original. With 4 speeds and 6 pulsation patterns Mr Boss delivers intense G-Spot pleasure, and can be used externally for mind-blowing clitoral stimulation.

The motor is both quiet and powerful with multiple speeds and pulse variations, so you can adjust the vibrations to the level you desire.

Mr Boss features Fun Factory’s unique Battery+ technology. Battery+ is special because it allows you the convenience of being able to use standard AAA batteries, with the ability to easily upgrade to rechargeable by replacing the batteries with rechargeable NiMh batteries and purchasing a Fun Factory charging cable. A Hybrid Kit containing both these products is available here

Rocks-Off Slinky Pinky

The Slinky Pinky from Rocks-Off, a great two in one toy, perfect for those new to sex toys or concerned abotu size, that delivers pure power to your pleasure senses. The Slinky Pinky’s silicone sleeve is suitable for internal use, teasing your G-Spot for mind-blowing orgasmic delight.

Slinky Pinky can be used externally too for precise clitoral stimulation, and you can remove the sleeve and relish in the fuller buzz of the RO-80mm bullet.

Rocks-Off Dalia

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, Rocks Off Dalia is a powerful classic vibrator, with a subtle G-spot targetting curve at the end of the stylish purple silicone sleeve.

You can also use the tip of the Dalia for targetted clitoral stimulation with enough power to take your breath away. With multiple vibration speeds and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to enjoy yourself every time.

Calexotics Eden Ripple

The CalExotics Eden Ripple is a beautiful silicone G-Spot vibrator. The incredibly flexible curving shaft and G-spot shaped head allow precision stimulation of both your clitoris and your G-Spot. Powered by 2 AAA batteries the pleasure ridges on the head add extra sexual stimulation to your pleasure spots.

Rocks-Off RO-160

This big bullet from Rocks-Off, powered by 2 AA batteries, allows you to hit your sweet spots more accurately with its tapered tip. Its straight shaft is user friendly, as its size makes it far easier to hold than some smaller clitoral stimulators. The added girth and length means that the bullet can be used as an innie toy too.

What type of battery do you recommend?

We recommend high quality batteries, suitable for the high power requirements of vibrators that will last a long time and make sure that your vibrator retains a long lifespan.

We recommend that you remove the batteries if your sex toy is not in use regularly.