An Introduction to Male Masturbators

An Introduction to Male Masturbators

Male masturbation toys enhance your sexual pleasure through providing wildly different and exhilarating sensations. They are perfect for both solo use and for use with a partner to spice up your sex life.

Male masturbators are, on the whole, discreet products that are available in a range of styles and sizes. Masturbation sleeves introduce new sensations and enhance your sexual pleasure. The secret is in the design: each sleeve has a textured inner ribbing to stimulate the penis in different ways.

VerSpanken Male Masturbators

An alternative type of home entertainment, the VerSpanken Masturbator is a truly revolutionary product! The plastic outer casing holds to sausage-like Weiners that hug you tightly, offerinf new pleasure sensations that will enhance your solo and foreplay fun.

You can mix up the pleasure sensations too with different types of Weiners. FoamWeiners have a spongy texture whereas WaterWeiners are smooth plastic units that can be cooled in the fridge or warmed in hot water to offer even more new sensations to sex play!

TENGA Flip-Hole

The most innovative male masturbator at Jo Divine is, without a doubt, the TENGA Flip-Hole. This toy gives a whole range of new sensations to the user: through a simple tilt you are able to vary the stimulation received. The choice of stimulation available includes a variety of bump, wave and nodule patterns, which have the amazing benefit of being controlled as desired.

The TENGA Flip-Hole does not aim to replicate a vagina. Instead, it applies pressure and suction to the penis in a multitude of ways. This toy is designed for multiple use and is incredibly easy to clean. Without We can proudly say that the TENGA Flip-Hole is one of the best male masturbators on the market today and is sure to provide you with many hours of pleasure.

TENGA Air Regular

The Tenga Air Tech Regular vacuum cup features rows of ribbing and raised nodules which will tightly grip your penis for orgasmic results every time.

Simply lube up, wash and play again and again!

TENGA Air Twist Tickle

The Tenga Air Twist Tickle will add variety and spice to your life with the twisting textures and five explosive pressure sensations.

Simply lube up, play, wash and play again and again!


Our luxurious range of TENGA Eggs look deceptively small – however, they are made from a stretchy skin-safe material that can stretch to up to 12” and accommodate up to 8” inside of them. Although the Eggs are mainly designed for one use, with careful cleaning and drying you should be able to use your male masturbatory sleeves more than once.

TENGA Spider Male Masturbator

The TENGA Spider Egg Male Masturbator is a skin-safe luxury silicone masturbator with a fantastic spider web pattern to give you unbelievable orgasms. This egg has a rounded end to completely cover the penis and the inner patterns provide a fuller feeling and intense pleasure.

As with all the TENGA Eggs, the Spider Egg is packaged in a plastic egg-shell style casing which you can put the egg back into after use and once it has been cleaned. Each one comes with a sachet of TENGA lubricant to help maximise those pleasure sensations. Be sure to look after your TENGA Egg carefully and you will be able to enjoy this wonderful toy multiple times.

To enhance your pleasure sensations, we recommend a water-based – remember that you should not use silicone lubricant with silicone toys as they will damage the surface.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight products are typically moulded on real intimate body features, with the sensual sleeve contained in a super-discreet canister that resembles a larger torch.

The most discreet of these toys is the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, which is a great entry product to introduce you to the Fleshlight range. The inner sleeve is extremely stimulating too, taking your sexual pleasure to dizzying heights.

Due to its stylish and discreet design, the Pilot makes for the ideal travel companion and can easily be stored too.

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