LELO Ina 2: A Review

LELO Ina 2: A Review

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Rabbit vibes are female-friendly, curvaceous toys with a dual motor for simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Since they shot to fame after being featured on Sex and the City, their design has come a long way. My first Rabbit was a battery-operated pink jelly monster made in China but you can now find some very stylish toxin-free toys.

LELO toys have been likened to Apple products – stylish, powerful and well designed. The Ina Version 2 is their upgraded Rabbit vibe so I’m looking forward to testing it out. The first Ina looked great and had a powerful motor but garnered a few complaints about its functionality. The Rabbit ears were fairly rigid, meaning it sat too snugly and felt uncomfortable around the clitoris once inside the body.

Ina Version 2 is available in three colours – lime green, orange and purple. It comes in the classic black box with velvet casing, a charger and antibacterial storage pouch, which is big enough to fit both the toy and charger inside. These toys make great gifts and I never want to throw the boxes away. Mine was partly charged when it arrived so I plugged it in to charge fully before having a play (a two-hour charge gives four hours of play).

Key features:

  • Body-safe silicone, latex and phthalate-free
  • 2 silent motors and 2 pleasure spots for internal and external vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Fully waterproof (the instruction manual is generic so not particularly helpful, ignore the bit about not being able to submerge it).
  • 2-hour charge = 4 hours of play
  • A wider gap between the base shaft and rabbit ears so it’s more comfortable to position than the original and you can move its position to suit your anatomy. The ears are also more pliable and better positioned meaning you can insert more of the shaft.
  • 4-button interface with 8 pleasure modes:
  1. Both motors on
  2. Shaft only
  3. Ears only
  4. Alternate pulsing of both
  5. Transition every second between both
  6. Pulsing every second on both
  7. Escalating from shaft to ears, low to high speed
  8. Chaos theory – random patterns to keep you on your toes!
  • Lockable for storage and travel
  • Antibacterial storage pouch

Does it measure up?

The Ina Version 2 is a good-looking toy – lighter and smaller than I expected considering it has two motors – it’s a similar size to the Gigi, LELO’s popular g-spot toy. It’s curved, seamless and feels like butter so quite sensual to hold – part of the pleasure of using a sex toy is looking at it and anticipating what it will feel like inside you. It is thinner and smaller than a traditional Rabbit vibe with its chunky rotating beads.

The control panel is slightly shorter on the upgraded version so that you can insert the shaft deeper – great for g-spot and cervical stimulation. The shaft is now 7.9” long, 5.2” insertible. The 4-button interface is slightly raised and a different texture so it is easier to feel in the dark (under the covers) and sealed for easier cleaning in water.

LELO have also redesigned the ears so they are softer and more pliable. You can now bend them back quite far and position them where you like on your clitoris/labia once the shaft is inside your body. This is a big improvement.

The Ina Version 2 is also fully waterproof unlike the original version, which was splashproof. Fabulous, as you can now take it into the shower/bath and it’s easier to clean. I get a bit nervous about cleaning and submerging toys which are supposed to be waterproof, especially as the flap that covers the charging point seems so flimsy. There’s no satisfying ‘click’ to tell you when it’s in place so I wondered if water would seep in when I submerged it. It didn’t – even with the flap left open.

So, you can happily use this bunny underwater. I find the vibrations are diffused and less strong when you use it under water though, so for me it’s not the easiest way to orgasm but great to have this option. The bathroom is the only room in my flat with a lock on the door and therefore the only place I will get some undisturbed peace.

LELO says the Ina Version 2 is “100% more powerful” than the original but I’m not sure how as it seems to have the same power frequency. Still, they’ve done something with the motors – perhaps changed the type of vibration as the shaft emits a strong vibration even on the lower settings. No complaints there.

I love how deep and rumbly the vibrations feel – fantastic when inside the body, however I was slightly disappointed with the vibration in the ears. They don’t feel as intense or deep so weren’t enough to make me come even on the highest power setting. I need more stimulation from the external motor than I do inside the body to orgasm. The only way around this was to take it out and use the base of the shaft against my clitoris because it has more power. I found it easy to orgasm in this way as it covers a wider area – not exactly what it is designed for however!

The shaft of this toy also feels quite rigid so a little lube helps if you want to use it internally first off – otherwise it feels a bit clinical.

I recommend familiarising yourself with the settings and vibration patterns before you use it otherwise it gets a bit confusing trying to work out what’s what with the vibration patterns. Once inside me I had no idea what setting I was on and couldn’t tell if the internal and external motors were both working.

The internal motor seems to overpower the external one so a tad confusing. It’s also a little frustrating that you can’t control the settings on the ears independently of the shaft – it’s all or nothing. I wanted to stop the shaft pulsating when it was inside me but ramp up the ears for more clitoral stimulation – to transfer the power from one to the other – and I couldn’t do that.


All in all, I love the look and shape of this toy and appreciate the variety of settings. I may not use them all but they are inspired and fun to use on a man as well as yourself. The final setting is quirky: ‘random chaos’ to keep you on your toes – just like a man… however, I was aware that it was ‘a toy’ inside me rather than forgetting about that and losing myself in the sensations it was creating. This is a sticking point. A really good vibrator or dildo will do that for me. I think if they can tweak version 3 a little bit more to make the ear vibrations stronger, more rumbly and deeper they will nail it and have the perfect rabbit.

Written By : Nicci Talbot