LELO Lily: In Depth

LELO Lily: In Depth

In the past, manufacturers have assumed that women are excited at the thought of receiving a box with a picture of a woman waving a sex toy at you in a manner which suggests armed robbery rather than an erotic night in! Thankfully, LELO have learnt that ladies like things in nice boxes. This is a vibrator that looks and feels like a gift.

The outer cardboard box is discreet, with only the word LELO on the top of the box and a slightly abstract illustration of the product on the side and rear of the box. The words ‘Pleasure Object’ on the rear of the box are the only things that give the game away.

In a nice touch, the colour of the outer cardboard sleeve matches that of the vibrator within. Removing the sleeve reveals a sturdy matt black gift box, which makes an ideal storage box if you prefer to keep it hidden. Again, discretion is the key, as it looks like it could be a jewellery box, having only the word LELO embossed on the box.

What’s inside?

The Lily rests elegantly on a moulded tray in the box so you get an instant ‘wow’ factor, which is great if giving the LELO Lily as a gift. Upon removing the insert from the box, you’ll find the charger, satin pouch and instruction manual.

Seeing someone open the box for the first time would be a lovely treat – if giving this as a gift, you should try and make sure you’re there! We think you’ll either see a big smile, or a puzzled ‘what is it?’ look. Probably both, but as it looks so pretty people will just like the look of it – even if they haven’t worked out what it does!

Out of the box

Taking Lily out of the box for the first time, we were struck by its lightness and beautiful design. The lower part of the body has the controls – just two buttons – and as you move along, it tapers to a point which delivers the powerful stimulation. It also bends forwards as you move towards the smoothly ended tip, making it easy to hold, while the tip applies exquisite stimulation to the clitoris.

Lily is finished in a wonderful smooth silicone that feels soft and sensual to the touch. It feels softer than the LELO Nea, which is finished in a solid plastic whilst still feeling silky. It certainly won’t stick or jar against the skin, which can happen with cheaper jelly toys.

Pretty in pink – or plum, or black…

In the ‘what does it look like’ category, Lily has three guises. The pink is just stunning and would make a perfect Valentine’s gift. For those who are fed up with girlie pink (although, it must be said this pink is superb, not garish in the slightest), there is a sumptuous plum and sophisticated satin black.

In Use

So, now we come to the bit you need to know – what is it like to use. We could end this simply by just saying “wonderfully divine”, but we are sure you’d like a little more detail!

First, Lily ships charged, but locked. Simply depress both buttons at the same time until they are lit, then release. Of course, it will go flat if it has been in a warehouse for a while, so make sure you’ve given it a little charge to avoid disappointment!

The controls are simplicity itself. There are two buttons: the one on the right increases the strength of the vibration, the one on the left decreases. Holding both together for a few seconds locks the device, meaning you can safely carry it without worrying about your handbag buzzing. It’s always best to lock after use and then check you can’t turn it on by pressing the right-hand button – the vibration level can be set so low that you may not realise it is still switched on.

Holding the right-hand button gradually takes you up through the vibration strengths, of which there are several. Lily is not designed for penetration, so if that is what you want as far as vibrators are concerned, this may not be the one for you. You will find the vibrations are concentrated in the tip and feel delicious on the base of the vagina. It feels wonderful when used on the clitoris where it can apply vibrations with extreme precision. Because of its small size, it is easy to hold with one hand, allowing you to stimulate your clitoris and manipulate the clitoral hood to provide softer or harder sensations. The variety of sensations that can be achieved through the simple graded sensations of the LELO Lily are simply amazing.

It isn’t as strong as other vibrators, but we like the way that orgasms build with the Lily, making it somehow more satisfying than the ‘wham bam’ characteristics of some other toys. Of course, the beauty of a small stimulator like the LELO Lily is that it can be used during sex or in conjunction with another toy. As it is so easy to handle, you still have another hand free to manipulate that metal dildo, glass toy or whatever you fancy! Your man needn’t feel left out either: this is a wonderful toy to use during lovemaking, being unobtrusive yet powerful. The shape means it can even rest between you when he is on top and it is perfect to use in the ‘spoons’ position, which provides unhindered access to the clitoris.

What’s that noise?

Well, whatever it is, it likely isn’t the LELO Lily! It is whisper quiet, even at maximum vibration. If the noise of vibrators concerns you (some can be very noisy) this is definitely the toy for you. Some people have even been known to slip Lily into their panties while out and about (not naming any names!). It’s unlikely the buzzing noise will be noticed, but the strange look on your face might well be!

To summarise

We think you’ll be able to tell by now that the LELO Lily is a favourite here at Jo Divine. Now, we know they say you should never judge a book by its cover, but the gorgeous packaging really does make a big difference. It makes it seem like more of a gift, like a real treat to be using, and because it has such a long battery life it can be used for a really substantial amount of time. Unlike cheaper versions of this toy it has the perfect vibration characteristics, and because it’s rechargeable it can be used again without wearing out countless batteries!