Rocks-Off Jira Review

Rocks-Off Jira Review

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Having received my lovely deep pink Jira from Rocks-Off, I was surprised to see just how big it was. Neatly packaged in a sturdy box, this vibrator is described as the perfect twist which it is.

The silky smooth silicone is gently twisted to offer a different sexual sensation. It had 10 powerful functions, is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and give upto 2 hours of play when fully charged.

Jira felt solid in my hand but not too heavy and the shape of the shaft is very sensual to touch- I kept running my hand up and down the shaft because it felt so soft.

I plugged the USB cable into a mains charger in the wall and left it charging away whilst I did some work but you can just plug it into your laptop.

Once I had the house to myself, I turned on my Jira, just one easy button at the bottom of the vibrator. Surprisingly, it came on with full power, unlike many other sex toys that start on the lowest vibration setting.

Pressing the button, there were three different vibration levels, full power, middle level and a low gentle buzzing which felt really good in my hand.

I then cycled through the pulsation patterns which went for intermittent pulsation at varying speeds to a seemingly random mode at the end which felt nice in my hand.

Not being a pulse mode fan, I got comfortable on the bed and removed my skirt and knickers. Applying a little YES water based organic lube, I never have sex or use a sex toy without lube, I turned on Jira which went to full power and gently put it against my clitotris. The extremely strong vibrations were too much for my clit so I cycled down to the lowest setting which was a very pleasurable buzz.

Finding myself enjoying this level of clit stimulation too much, I slowly inserted Jira inside my vagina.

I had to go slow due to the size, and initially found it a little uncomfortable, not being used to such girth. To increase the the vibration level up, I had to cycle through the pulse patterns as the highest level is at the start which was a bit annoying but not enough to make me stop. However, once I chose this strong vibration mode, I settled back to play.

Being quite girthy, I found I didn’t move it in and out as much as I would with smaller vibrators but this small movement was sufficient for me to begin to enjoy the delicious vibrations fanning outwards inside my vagina.

By tilting my hips upwards, I found my gorgeous G-spot, often elusive when using other G-spot sex toys, and gently moved the Jira against it. Slowly a deep feeling of pleasure started to surge through my vagina, my breaths became ragged and I found myself tipping over the edge of orgasm as if in slow motion.

I immediately needed to stop the vibrations and found my lube covered fingers slipping over the button but eventually I got it under control and just lay back against the pillow, enjoying that floating feeling as my vagina tingled.

I went to take out Jira and found that to be a little uncomfortable, either because I had whipped it out too quickly or that my vagina had tensed up after my glorious orgasm. That didn’t feel nice.

Note to self: remove slowly next time!

Next time I used my Jira I tried YES oil based organic lube and found it to be a more pleasurable experience, probably because I had much better lubrication and I knew what to expect. Once again, employing the same technique with my hips, Jira gave me a much needed G-spot orgasm.

Since then she has given me a few lovely clitoral orgasms but only on the lowest setting as I find the high setting too much. Jira had added the perfect twist to my sexual pleasure and has her own space in my bedside drawer.

Overall, if you want a girthier, rechargeable product, Jira is great- she’s very strong,compared to more expensive sex toy brands, offers many pulse patterns and is long enough to tease that G-spot. Easy to use with one button, great with an oil based lube due to her size, Jira is sure to make anyone come.