YES Organic Lubricants - Great Lubrication

YES Organic Lubricants - Great Lubrication

Whenever I use one of my gorgeous sex toys I always use lubrication so I just had to tell you about YES lubricant. YES is a silky smooth organic lubricant which comes either in a water based or oil based formula, which is thicker but lasts longer. Both are odourless, tasteless and absorbed into the body without causing any side effects as they contain natural ingredients.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon when our children were at their various friends’ birthday celebrations my partner and I decided to take advantage of the peace in our house and spend a little time in bed.

Keeping the YES lubricant in the bed side drawer is handy but it does need to be warmed up in your hand before use or you could just shock your partner by using it straight from the bottle and give them a cold thrill. I have to say I like my lubricant to be warmed beforehand as I hate my vagina to be cold! As I decided to take the lead today for a change, I lubricated my hand with the oil based YES and gently rubbed it along the extremely engorged shaft of my partner’s penis as he lay back comfortably on the pillows. I relished the silky smooth feeling of his skin beneath my hand as it glided effortlessly over his swollen, pulsating penis. From the sounds of bliss emanating from his throat I think he was enjoying my detailed attention to his penis!

Hearing his moans of satisfaction, I began to massage the water based YES into my already throbbing clitoris and vagina which felt exceedingly good. Climbing astride my partner, I positioned myself over his fully erect penis and slowly began to slide myself down over its hot, oiled length, thrilling at its fullness as it entered my juicy vagina.

My partner grabbed the tube of oil based YES and put some in his hand. He rubbed his hands together, then slowly started to massage my breasts that were gently swaying in front of his face. Combined with his enlarged penis filling me completely and the feelings of ecstasy stirring in my now voluptuously glistening breasts, I was in heaven. Softly caressing each nipple with his thumbs, my partner gently coaxed them into hard tingling buds of sensitivity, then removing his thumbs and replacing them with his lips on my right nipple. He paid great attention to sucking the reddened swollen peak which left me gasping for breath. He repeated this on my other nipple with similar consequences.

Using a small amount of oil based lubricant, I slowly began to stroke my achingly sensitive clitoris with my fingers whilst moving my incredibly moist vagina up and down his enormous penis, feeling my juices running down the shaft. We both moved together towards the climax of our blissful few stolen hours in bed!

Hearing my partner gasp in ecstasy I felt myself falling over the brink of my orgasm, waves of satisfaction flooding through my whole body as we both shuddered to our climax together. Snuggling up together against the downiness of our pillows before psyching ourselves to get out of bed to pick up the children, we both wondered at the intense gratification one or two small blue bottles of YES lubricant can bring to our love making. I was thinking about ordering more from my favourite sex toy company, Jo Divine, just to make sure we have an ample supply in the future!

Written By : Staff