Fun Factory BE ONE

Fun Factory BE ONE

The Fun Factory BE ONE turns your hand into a vibrator as it rests between your fingers and delivers effortless vibration with every touch!

The BE ONE is obviously a clitoral stimulator, but it is so much more.  With two strong motors that bounce vibration off each other, this vibe heightens every stroke.

Equipped with four speeds and the "Flirt" mode - unlike a traditional pattern, this setting changes in subtle but unpredictable ways, sometimes rumbling more heavily, sometimes easing off a little, and always leaving you wanting more.

BE ONE is equipped with a simple travel lock and a carry case, so it is a breeze to pack away and take with you.

Some people find that the BE·ONE fits snugly between their labia and stays in place for hands-free vibration. We can’t promise it will work for everybody, but it’s a nice bonus if it works for you!

Also in testing we found this is a toy for some penis owners too! Our tester held it around the head of the penis and had an explosive orgasm (again, no promises!).

BE ONE is an innovative toy which is well executed and a real twist on the clitoral stimulator.

USB Rechargeable, waterproof, skin safe silicone.

This product has built-in rechargeable battery which requires a USB charger. If you do not have a USB charger please add a USB charger to your basket by clicking here.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.